VISCERA TRAIL - Ripping of the Sack


VISCERA TRAIL, brutal death metal band from Israel, which guarantees a certain dose of exoticness. And we have to say they know to deliver. They describe themselves as the sickest band to ever emerge from the Holy Land to deliver the brutal death metal message to the local scene. However, with no evil faces, but on the contrary with sense of humour and hyperbole.


Established in 2002 by guitarist and singer Tomer „Gomez“ Hasenfratz, VISCERA TRAIL have released a demo tape, two full-length albums and an EP. Experienced by many European festivals and several tours in exotic destinations like Nepal etc. we will be glad to welcome them at the OEF 2017!!!


Viscera Trail was formed in Israel on July 2002 by Tomer Hasenfratz, the aim was to form the sickest band to ever emerge from the Holy Land and deliver the Brutal Death Metal message to the local scene.

The band underwent numerous line up changes and got a demo out in 2002 (Roadkill), a Debut album in 2005 (Piled up Dead), a 2'nd album in 2009 (Humiliation-Ridden Evisceration) and an EP in 2013 (Treats of Torture).


The band has played numerous tours and fests all over Europe, United States and Asia with the "East Infection" tour in May/June 2016 consisiting of 12 countries.


Viscera Trail are known for their hyper energetic, super entertaining party shows that never cease to surprise the audience.


The line up today consists of Tomer "Gomez" Hasenfratz (Guitar & Vocals, 2002 -), The legendary Shahaf "Bweeb" Ostfeld (Vocals,   & live gymnastics, 2003 -) and Tuval "Hati" Refaeli (Drums, 2009 -).


Release date Release name Media
2013 Treats of Torture EP
2009 Humiliation-Ridden Evisceration
2005 Piled Up Dead
2002 Roadkill DEMO


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