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Once a longtime drummer Jon announced his departure lately being substituted by a young Dutch Jan Lugtenburg the world of brutality has come back to life hoping to see this massacre in full strength. Some other line-up changes have been done behind the strings. Jamie`s brother Mike has taken a rest and his place is being warmed up by a talented guitar player from EMBODIED, Torment Joaquin Chavez.

What a promising line-up, isn't it? History of tormenting practice transformed into music is calling  the fans of extreme death metal to their own execution!!! We are fucking looking forward to that, are you?


Brodequin was formed in the late summer of 1998 by brothers Jamie( bass/vocals ) and Mike Bailey ( guitar ) and Chad Walls ( drums ) in Knoxville TN.
The bands lyrical content, name and imagery are based off actual torture devices and execution techniques that were common in medieval Europe. Unlike many bands of the genre all of Brodequin’s lyrical concepts are based on historical facts and accounts of witnesses, interrogators, executioners or surviving victims.

Later in 1998 an untitled four song demo was released and limited to 1000 copies. These demo’s were given to record stores and underground labels to give out for free to their customers and the remainder were give away at shows.

In 2000 The debut full length Instruments of Torture was recorded in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Originally released on Ablated Records and re-released by Unmatched Brutality Records ( owned by Mike Bailey ). The album enjoyed wide spread success and was received as being a very unique release and gained international recognition.

2002 marked a return to the studio in Daytona Beach, Florida for two releases. The first was a split CD with Drowning, Aborted & Misery Index entitled Created to Kill. The second release of the year was the full length Festival of Death. Returning to their previous inspiration Festival of Death was a step up in regards to the overall speed direction that the band was moving in.
Later that year drummer Chad Walls was relieved of his position due to various personal and professional differences.

In 2003 Jon Engman stepped in to take over the drummer position and a two song EP Prelude to Execution was released. Limited to 1000 copies on CD and later on 7inch it was intended as a preview of how the bands song writing was developing.

Methods of Execution recorded in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and released that same year. This was the bands most evolved release with the songwriting and structuring reaching more defined levels. A video was released for the track Slaves to the Pyre that appeared on the CD and was aired through numerous outlets.
Several festival appearances were made support of this album including Fuck The Commerce, Obscene Extreme, and the Maryland Deathfest.

It was announced in October of 2015 that the band was returning from a long hiatus and would begin performing and writing new material.
The news of the bands return was met with widespread support and enthusiasm. Invitations to several festivals ( Hellfest, Deathfeast. Obscene Extreme, Netherlands Deathfest, Chicago Domination Festival and many others ) are giving the band a platform to re-inject themselves into the brutal death metal scene.

In late 2016 Jon Engman announced he would no longer be able to continue with the band due to time and work issues. Jon’s replacement was found in Jan Lugtenburg In addition Joaquin Chavez also joined the band shortly thereafter to relieve Mike Bailey of the live performance obligations.

The current lineup as of December 2016 is:

Jamie Bailey - Bass/Vocals
Joaquin Chavez - Guitar
Jan Lugtenburg - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2004 Methods of Execution ( Full length ) Unmatched Brutality Records
2004 Methods of Execution ( Full length ) Unmatched Brutality Records
2003 Prelude to Execution ( EP ) Unmatched Brutality Records - 7 inch released by Cudgel
2002 Created to Kill ( split cd with Drowning, Aborted & Misery Index ) Bones Brigade Records
2002 Created to Kill ( split cd with Drowning, Aborted & Misery Index ) Bones Brigade Records
2000 Instruments of Torture ( Full length ) Ablated & Unmatched Brutality Records
1998 Untitled four track ( Demo ) Self release


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