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HAGGUS - Putrid Process


HAGGUS are a young gore / grind band from Oakland (USA) who openly acknowledge the legacy and the influence by the legendary Agathocles and the Canadian mince core heros of Archagathus. During their short existence (since  2014) they have managed to put out and recored around twenty releases so as for the frequency of releasing everything is alright.

And playing live? You will have the chance to experience them at the upcoming volume of Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!


Haggus is a three piece mincecore band from Oakland, California. Haggus formed in
2014 and strive to tour and record as much as possible. Haggus play greasy, down-­tuned
mincecore in the vien of Agathocles, Archagathus and Lt Dan mixed with their own version of
slimy, animal rights-­influenced gore grind. Over the years they have crushed out almost 20
releases, partyed their asses off touring the United States over 10 times, and had the pleasure
of sharing splits with bands such as Agathocles, Fiend, Agitate, Glob, Recalcitrant and many
more. Haggus first release “4 sonx demo” was simple, raw mincecore. It continues in this style
throughout the first year of their existence, though over time they began to add hints of gore
grind and osdm as they grew as a band and mutated their way through 5 different bassists!
Despite having many line up changes on bass in the past, Haggus currently consists of
Hambone, Lil Giz and Gorehog. They recently toured the west coast with friends in Fiend from
Fresno, CA and have exciting new releases planned in the near future (including our first full
length LP and splits with Deterioration, Inopexia and Pulmonary Fibrosis, Archagathus and
many more) and have exciting tour plans in line for next year. Rest never...mince forever!!!

Members :

Hambone -­ 6 Strinx//Vox
Gorehog -­ 3 Strinx//Vox
Lil Giz -­ Battery


Release date Release name Media
2014 4 Sonx Demo 2014
0 Mince The Meat Monger EP EP
0 Haggus / Bob Plant Split CS/7
0 The Masked Mincer EP CS/lathe 7
0 Mincecore Agenda EP CS
0 Haggus / Agathocles Split CS/7
0 Mincecore Until You Die EP lathe 5 EP
0 Haggus / Pyosis Split CS
0 Mince That Fucker EP CS/7 EP
0 Raw And Mincing EP CS/lathe 7 EP
0 Haggus / Glob Split CS/lathe 7
0 Haggus / Agitate Split CS/7
0 Haggus / Sulsa Split CS
0 Haggus / Girth Split CS/7
0 Haggus / Recalcitrant CS/7
0 Haggus / Fiend Split Tour Tape CS (split 7” in the works)
0 Haggus “The First 6 Months : A Mincecore Collection” CS
0 Haggus “Split Collection Tape : A Collection Of 5 Splits CS
0 Haggus / Rectocele Split CS


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