BACTEREMIA - Inhuman Behavior


When a band is hibernating it does not necessarily mean the album being prepared must be an explicit shit. The massacre from Colombia called BACTEREMIA is coming to slaughter you and show what a good stuff they have cooked for the new release.

As the growler Sebastián Guarín (ex PURULENT, AMPUTATED GENITALS ...) takes care of the cesspool vapours for sure there will be a lot of entertainment. No surprise Permeated Records will not let them leave their stable. The fans of brutal death metal have a lot to look for at the next volume of OEF!!!


Bacteremia was born in Medellin, Colombia in August of 2016, with the idea of creating Brutal Death Metal. The band was created by Felipe Soto (Terminal Hemorrhage) on guitars and by Carlos Andres Penagos (Gorephagia) on the drums.

In the month of October Jonathan (Undergrave) and Adrian (R.I.P) joined the band, on bass and vocals respectively, with this line-up the band starts playing shows in Medellin. In January of 2007 Jonathan and Adrian leave the band, and after this the band enters the studio to record a Promo song called “Surgical Addiction In Criminal Mind” which was promoted in a CD compilation that was released for the “Brutal Death Night 2 show”, in this show the band played along bands such as Suppuration and Ancient Necropsy, also Esteban Cardona (Terminal Hemorrhage) was invited to play. He also played with the band for the “Traditional Annual Fest & Armenia Death Fest in 2008 in which the band shared the stage with bands such as Suppuration, Evil Darkness, Dissoser, Amputated Genitals & Carnagia among others. In the middle of 2008 Esteban stopped doing vocals and started playing bass and Diego Macias (Terminal Hemorrhage) joined the band on vocals, by that time the band had already performed some concerts in Medellin.

Diego Macias left the band during 2009 and in 2010 Andres Felipe and Esteban took charge of the vocals. In the middle of 2010 the band dedicated a lot of time playing concerts such as “ Traditional Annual Festival” and “As the Brutal Death Night 3 in Medellin, along with Cardiac Explosion, Goretrade and Evil Darkness, and in Bogota they were part of the “Grind Death Fest” with Malignancy from New York, Nons Premonition, Ancient Necropsy, Goretrade, Suppuration and many others. Another important show played on that same year was “The Andes Metal Fest” in Antioquia.

By the end of 2010, Sebastian Guarin Ex-member of Purulent and Amputated Genitals joins the band on vocals.

In the year 2013 the bands releases their first full length called : “Cerebral Wrong Settings”, which gains fast recognition in the worldwide metal scene. In the month of June 2013 they played a series of shows to promote the CD and playing in the Colombian cities of Bogota and Medellin and along the New York band “Dehumanized”. A month after, the band is invited to play at “Alto Voltaje” one of the most important festivals that take place in the city of Medellin, sharing the stage with Internal Suffering, one of the most important bands in the Colombian metal scene. At the end of 2013 Juan Esteban Cardona leaves the band and in the beginning of 2014 the band welcomes Nelson Zapata from Suppuration to play the bass, right after this the band is invited to play in Ecuador at Pulverizer Brutal Fest and thus takes off to play their first show outside of Colombia, along bands Infectology, Gastrorrexis, Sadistic Mutilation and others.

During the year 2014 the band plays at “Brutal Death Birth Spaulding Fest along bands Evil Darkness and Carnagia among others. right after this Nelson Zapata leaves the band, and they played at the festival “ Colombian Death Road Fest 3” along well know american bands “Devourment” and “Internal Bleeding”, this way ending the year of 2014. In 2015 the band enters the studio to start recording a new album, and in 2016 the band is invited to play at “ The Real Brutal Death Fest” in which the band plays some of the songs of the new album “Furiously Reduced” which will be out at the end of the year 2016 and thus will be promoted in their 2017 European Tour.


Release date Release name Media
2017 in 2017 second full length FURIOUSLY REDUCED


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