SUCKING LEECH - Disillusion of sick illusions


This grind blast from Germany did not have an easy time throughout their career. Formed in 1998 they disappeared from 2002 to 2012 as if the earth had swallowed them up. It was not the kind of a break when the band does not exist or splits up. 2012 does not mean a reincarnation or comeback at all. The reasons for the pause are simpler but the more serious. The ten years of inactivity were caused by a car crash when two members of  SUCKING LEECH spent a long time in a hospital.  

But enough of history for now. Since that time these grinders are back in a great form, released several albums and managed to play an array of gigs with their more well-known mates of Napalm Death, Pungent Stench etc. And in 2017 finally at OEF 2017!!!


1997 the band was founded by 5 Sickos in lower BEERvaria 
1998 the singer and the second guitarist changed due to style differences 
1998 the new formation wos born named SUCKING LEECH 
1998-1999 March – the former material was brought in a typically Sucking Leech style with two new members (Steff Vox and Hanson Guitar) 
1999 first Album and first gig for the band 
1999-2002 A lot of shows as support of bands like Vomitory, The Rotted, Nyctophobic, Fleshless, Vader, Agro, and working on new album “Full Injected Suicide Machine” 
2002 – Full Injected Suicide Machine was released and more shows to go 
2003 – Back to the Humanity Tour (Czech Republic) with Jack Slater, Fleshless, Purulent and Ingrowing 2003-2006 – Problems with badly injuries of guitarist Tom and drummer Chris (Car accident) 
2006-2009 – slowly step ahead after the hospital break to new songs and style – first gig with Haemorrhage on Chili con Carnage Festival 
2009 – first songwritings from Hanson for new album and a few gigs 
2010 – a few shows with old and new stuff to step along 
2012 – third album “Life sucks like a Leech” recorded and start to do shows again – CD release with Napalm Death as Headliner 
2013 – fourth album “Leech on your brainstem” recorded and did a lot of shows in Beervaria and Austria (Release with the buddies in Leng Tche; The song Memento Mori was done with our long time buddy Fernando (Lugubrious) from Hemorrhage) 
2014 – songwriting for the 5th album “Common Sense” and a few shows also with Haemorrhage, Benighted and Japanische Kampfhörspiele and shows in Germany, Austria and Swiss 
2015 – supporting Pungent Stench and releasing 5th album “Common Sense” to go on for more shows and more grind! 
2015 – fifth album “Common Sense” – August 2015 – released the masterpiece so far….  
2016 – working on the next album “Sixth” and ongoing shows


Release date Release name Media
2015 Common Sense
2013 Leech on your brainstem
2012 Life sucks like a Leech
2002 Full Injected Suicide Machine
1999 Sick Illusions


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