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We have a real highlight for you!!! The American masked quartet GHOUL presenting crossover between thrash and death metal with an incredible portion of musical dexterity. Gentlemen named Digestor, Fermentor, Cremator and Dissector really know how to deliver a show and we had no doubts to bring them to this year OEF after seeing some of their totally crazy and intensive shows in the USA. GHOUL started in 2001 and made five full-length albums so far which got great reviews and responses all around the world. 

However, then band's real power rests on their live shows they have done tons of all around the world and you will be convinced about that by GHOUL on the OEF stage!!! Bring along some masks!!! GHOUL are coming!!!


Creepsylvania's own Ghoul formed in 2001 after a chance meeting between the original three members in a half exhumed grave. Digestor, Fermentor, and Cremator bonded over a mutual love of heavy metal, cannibalism, and life threatening levels of inebriation. After their debut LP "We Came For The Dead!!!", a fourth Ghoul, name of Dissector, was added to the fold and the quartet recorded the cult favorite "Maniaxe!!!", which documented life in their decrepit country. This was followed by "Splatterthrash!!!", and "Transmission Zero", both of which cemented their odd mix of old school death metal, crossover thrash, and surf music. Tours with such luminaries as GWAR, Skeletonwitch, Cannabis Corpse, and Iron Reagan, as well as their own semi-regular "Weapons of Mosh Destruction" tour have earned Ghoul a worldwide following of loyal fans who are fiercely devoted to the band, and whose parents are no doubt wildly disappointed in them. 


Release date Release name Media
2016 Dungeon Bastards
2014 Hang Ten EP
2011 Transmission Zero
2006 Splatterthrash
2003 Maniaxe
2002 We Came for the Dead!!!
2001 Ghoul's Night Out


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