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GOD'S AMERICA - Antiquated Nursery Rhymes


Power violence lives and not that it doesn’t! This band did shatter the pv/grind scene with their album titled „Merge With The Infinite Now“ that was released at Deep Six / Regurgitated Semen Records last year. Short, a minute-long blasts full of stops and changes of tempo. Sludge passages alternating with a few seconds long grind passages.

If you like No Comment/Crossed Out, you will for sure be enthused about GOD’S AMERICA's live performance at this year Obscene Extreme Festival, simple as that!!!


More than anything else, I like punk bands with personality and vision. I dig genre exercise bands when they are good at what they do (or genres that I like), but even more, I like bands that have their own informed and aware way of doing things. Bands that sound like they know what the fuck they're doing. God's America is a great example of that, for kind of playing this middle road of grindcore, modern hardcore, and fast hardcore. They navigate these ideas to produce a totally seamless and cohesive vision of fast and brutal punk music, match that to their instantly recognizable aesthetic and you've got a GREAT band. - Dan McGregor


Release date Release name Media
2016 Black Flag flexi
2016 Merge With The Infinite LP
2016 Split 12" with Grin And Bear It
2015 Split 7" with Sete Star Sept
2015 Mixtape With The Infinite cassette
2015 Spazz cassette
2015 Assück cassette
2015 Assück cassette
2014 Split flexi with Three Rounds
2013 Tour Cassette
2013 Tour Cassette (second)
2013 Our Bones Will Bleach In The Sun 7"
2012 Split 7" with Human Junk
2012 MMXII Tape cassette
2011 Seeds of Rape - Demo 2011 cassette DEMO


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