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At first it was a bit of a crazy idea of Čurby after the 21st OEF, which we laughed at and forgot about it. Well, this autumn we went to Brno to check out a printer, bought it a month later, and now Čurby and the rest of the OEF team are enthusiastically printing the OEF merch for you!!!

PF 2022!!!

Thanks for the support! Thanks for every ticket you buy! Thanks for every beer you drank at our festival! Thank you for every t-shirt purchased! Thanks for every purchase at the new OEF store! Thanks for everything!


We wish Doctors Without Borders at least another 50 years, lots of strength and as few humanitarian crises as possible! We are happy to be able to support MSF every year thanks to you.


We are unconcealedly happy about another band that will surely perform unadulterated blasphemy on the OEF boards!!! 



A Week till OEF - Yes, get ready - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!!

Read the last important INFO for OEF 2021!!! The presale has finished, but OEF has no limits, the festival venue can take in 5.000 fans (according to the Czech Republic government). So, don’t worry about getting to the festival, if you’ll buy a ticket at the gate!!! 


Even the kids have their place at OEF - two teepees where there will be a entertaining programme for children. We got some volunteers and so the children's corner will be at OEF this year, after all. Your kids won't forget the new friends and experiences they will bring home from Obscene Extreme!

Danny Lilker


When I think of OEF, I think of a fucking amazing party! The combination of the great organization (everyone on the OEF crew are the best), the selection of bands,and the overall environment at the venue in Trutnov makes OEF the best festival for me! I’m not just kissing ass to my buddy Curby here, I mean it! I can’t think of much I’d want to see change much for OEF in the next few years, I just hope it goes on forever.
When Brutal Truth played OEF in 2007, I had an interesting experience. 5 minutes before we were supposed to play, I put down my bass and ran backstage to use the toilet. I came back one minute later, picked up my bass, and noticed it was totally out of tune. I tried to fix the tuning but it wouldn’t work. Then, looking closer, I saw that there was a big crack on the back of the bass right where the 0 fret is. It was totally broken!! At the very last minute, I had to borrow the bass of the bassist from Birdflesh, who was kind enough to help me out with this sudden and huge problem. We played the show with no problem, and we even recorded it for our DVD “For The Ugly and Unwanted, This Is Grindcore”. Shit happens!!!




Obscene Extreme to me is one of the most open minded and fun festivals I have ever participated in. The lengths Curby has gone to push extreme music into people faces with out coming off elitist, negative or forceful is truly inspiring. This festival has opened my eyes to countless bands from around the world that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to see or hear (and I travel a lot!) I can’t imagine how many other people have been introduced or influenced by things they have experienced there. Obscene Extreme is also one of the most DIY festivals I’ve ever been a part of. Hopefully years from now it will be very similar to what it is now and not turn into a corporate shit show like so many festivals have these days. To 15 more years of OEF!

Juan Brujo


OEF is the most crazy music festival that I’ve seen in life no doubt! Mosh till you get your cock hard! Hop on to the stage and make a fatal dive! Guys with their legs cut in half moshing from the stage! You ask about clothing etiquette? Do not worry, clothing is optional at OEF for the musicians, fans and metalheads! Put a condom for a dive naked from the stage... pinching eyes of fuckers from the pit with no problem! That’s OEF bastards! There is no other!! Viva Mexico cabrones! Viva OEF! Juan Brujo


Matt Harvey


OEF is not just a music festival it’s a true celebration - where a freak can be a freak. It’s got more personality and blast beats than any other event I know. For three days you can cut loose with some of the most intense music and zany folks this side of the grave. When we were there in 2001, a storm hit right as we were getting ready to take the stage, and we ended up drinking in an old bunker on the festival site. We thought the whole night would be called off, so we were hitting it pretty hard, but an hour and a half later the storm had passed the festival by and we were hammered onstage in front of a full house of insane maniacs, all having the time of our lives. I’ll never forget that night! Myself and the rest of the Exhumed crew are chomping at the bit to make some more memories this year at OEF and at the after-party, so get ready for blood, guts, and bullet-belts when he hit the stage. See you maniacs there!



This year I return to my second home again. We should all be prepared for a new invasion of human organs and blood pouring amputees. Haemorrhage will be happy to spend the time with all the Grindcore maniacs in the world center of NOISE. Welcome to the Morgue of Trutnov. July 2001 at Obscene Extreme, Trutnov...the Czech government commanded to paralyze all Open Air fests held in the country immediatelly. A lightning storm came and threatened all attendees with a high electric potential. I still remember the members of Exhumed, us hidden in the Annex of the backstage. Finally, with many fans returning from their mountain tents and hostels, the concert could be resumed in a wee time and lasted until the very morning.




The 1st time RDP was invited to played the fest i got so anxious that i was thinking about a proper setlist to play there 6 months before it happens as i think that Obscene Extreme is the most radical fest on earth!!!
The happiness of being in the same moon and place with thousands of crazy freaks who loves extreme music is a speechless honor to Ratos de Porao.
We love to play the fest and fell the incredible energy of this particular crowd as a present.
OBSCENE EXTREME is the best festival of the world. Would never go to anywhere else instead of being here! Don´t give a shit about other mainstream oriented festivals. In grind We Trust!



Well this will be the 4th time i play OEF since I played there with LOCK UP & BRUJERIA as well as NAPALM (Shane forgot awesome show wioth VENOMOUS CONCEPT in 2009!) a couple of years ago and I am really looking forward to it!!! Great atmosphere and killer bands that play from the heart and that’s what counts!
How I would like to see it move forward ? Well It seems to be doing fins as it is and from the people I speak to around the world on my travels and the word of mouth is that this is the premier grind festival to be at so I wouldn’t change a thing !
But yes I am looking forward to the madness that will ensue. My last recollection was when I played there with BRUJERIA & LOCK UP and BRUTAL TRUTH and ENTOMBED were on the bill also and ROTTEN SOUND, all good friends of ours, we were completely out of our minds on Beer,I believe I ran on stage a few times and screamed to get the crowd fired up (who didn’t need any encouragement really)...when the power of grind takes you - you have to go for it 1000%.
It’s going to be fun!!! C u all there!




I have had the pleasure of playing twice at obscene extreme with the VARUKERS in 2011 and then with DISCHARGE 2012 both times were a pleasure, great sound for us on stage as well as out front for the crowd , which is very important the more the crowd get crazy the more i certainly do, a great mixture of bands and crowd alike all into loud aggresive music, which is lucky for both VARUKERS and DISCHARGE because thats how we like it, no wimp shit allowed, keep up the good work Curby and I would like to return to Obscene Extreme to show ya all how it should be done with my new band THE VILE in 2014 just to let people know, there is life in this old dog yet WOOF WOOF. Cheers.

Jason Keyser


Obscene Extreme… What can be said about this festival of madness in the woods of Trutnov? I am incredibly fortunate enough to have played OEF on two separate occasions, in 2007 singing for MUCOPUS and in 2012 singing of ORIGIN, and my experiences are stories I tell all the time. Conversations about drinking, how much one can drink, most intoxicated moments, always lead me back to Obscene Extreme. My 2007 trip to OEF is still the most functionally drunk I have ever been in my life. There I drank to the point of physical hallucination, spent a portion of the evening talking to a tree thinking it was my manager, and saved my guitarist from drowning in a one inch deep puddle of mud. The show for MUCOPUS was amazing, drunken, hilarity that culminated in an epic dive off the 15 foot tall speakers into the audience while still singing. Fast forward to 2012 with Origin. We arrive at 9 a.m. and the moment I step off the tour bus I am handed a large bottle of Slivovice and forced to drink, a ritual that I have come to expect from OEF. After 15 hours of constant drinking we go onstage at 1 a.m. for what was possibly my drunkest, sloppiest, most fun show I’ve ever played, ALSO culminating in an epic dive off the 15 foot tall speakers into the audience while still singing. Thankfully there was someone to snap a picture of both stage dives, I’m building a fucking legacy! I hope sometime soon I can add a third picture to my OEF collection. Obscene Extreme is without a doubt the most enjoyably, most respectable, most brutal festival in Europe. It stays true to the passion of extreme music like no other with its organization, line-up, and fans. For drinking, metal, and camaraderie there is no other. In grind I fucking trust.




It’s not easy to avoid becoming cheesy when I say this but, I think of Curbys enormous dedication for fast and brutal music. In combination with crazy grind and dbeat freaks of course. I hope that OEF can continue to deliver great fests, and hope that the American and Asian fests can work in the future.
Our best memory from the two years of playing with WOLFBRIGADE, must be the first time playing in 2009, the weather had been fantatic all day and everyone was in a good mood. I think we were the first Dbeat band that evening, and we went on after NAPALM DEATH, we didn’t know what to expect. But from the first note the crowd, which was huuuge, totally exploded as the rain started pouring down. We played really well and the response was fantastic and the rain just continued trough the set. As the last note was played and Micke shouted “thank you” the rain stopped. It was a muddy battlefield afterwards but it’s easily on our top 3 list of gigs ever during our 18 year existence. Then we got drunk and played pranks on some of our sleeping members at the hotel. Good times! Hope to make it happen again!


Kevin Sharp


If you are into extreme music… you know the OEF… I remember the first time Brutal Truth played… Of course late to the gig… the chaos was already in full swing… I was truly amazed that so much shit could be going on at the same time …with no fights… just freaks… Every possible extreme freak doing their thing without stepping on anyone’s thinking… A Utopia for the unright… which seemed perfect to me… That year we recorded that the gig for the Ugly and Unwanted DVD. However, it was a gig I did with Venomous Concept gig that was most memorable for me… Wolfbrigade… Mob 47… oh my… so many bands… Curby had just pressed the record on vinyl and flew Danny and myself over specifically for the party… Why? Cause he’s a grind maniac… Curby continually brings it to fans like himself… I guess that is why it is always such an honor to play or be there for that matter… He brought his party around the world this year… allowing opportunities for fantastic bands to play places like Australia, Mexico and Indonesia... now he’s bringing it back home… Proud to call Curby a friend… Proud to call the OEF and extended family my home away from home…Look forward to coming back soon…




I will always remember my first time at OEF. It was in 2004 and I had the worst stomach ever. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and I had to go to the toilet every 10th minute. I played with both Birdflesh and General Surgery that year. I survived both shows but it was really close I could have done an anal misery during the Birdflesh set.
Besides my upset stomach, the shows were amazing. The crowd at OEF didn’t let us down. And they never will. That’s why I love coming back and play this fest. The crowd and all the friends I meet every year makes this my favourite festival.
I’m not sure if I want to change anything about OEF. I absolutely don’t want it to be bigger with more people. It’s hard to keep the nice atmosphere that is unique for OEF, if there would be much more people. I like it the way it is now.

Giulio The Bastard


Well, I can say that I attended ALL 15 Obscene Extreme festivals except one when I had injured my foot and couldnt drive there. I have seen it born and grow up through the years and remember when I first met Curby one year earlier (1998) and he told me that he was planning this festival in Czech Republic to celebrate his 25th birthday. Since its first edition with the stage built on the plank of a truck till the most recent and way more professional ones it has always been surprising me. I like the atmosphere and the connection between people from different musical scenes and countries, and the crazy feeling of grinding on that stage.. I’m not the kind of person to enjoy all the freakery and scatological wannabes but it’s a matter of tastes, I’m there for the music. Mad stories to tell are too many but probably the one I’ll always remember was an early morning drive to Trutnov when a man pointed a shotgun at my face after a fucked up overtaking, in that very moment I saw all my life backwards in a frame. That was fun! In the next years I would love to see it develop stronger and stronger keeping that variety of bands, with an even bigger range of people from different countries showing up. Cheers to Curby for what he built with hard work, passion and stubbornness.


Arif Rot


The first thing came to mind, 2ND HOME. Obscene Extreme is a unique festival. Personally, everyone who attends feels more like a family gathering than just a community. You definitely find tons of different people from all over the world. Be it from Asia, Europe, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc. Obscene Extreme Festival is the definition of Racial harmony. I’ve been to OEF to perform i guess around 3 to 4 times including Obscene Society Festival and After show parties. The recent 2012 festival was truly amazing. I got so wasted on the first or 2nd night if I’m not mistaken. It was raining and i just have to pee on a steep slope. With a blink of an eye, i was sliding down the hill while peeing on myself. Covered in mud and my goddamn piss. GOOD TIMES. That’s only one of the gazillion amazing moments i had at the festival and surely i cannot wait to be there again. It’s amazing how Curby chose the line ups as every year it just keeps getting better and better. And rest assure, it’s definitely going to a blast. In my honest opinion, OEF should stay how it is. I don’t need to see any changes whatsoever because in my eyes, it’s perfect. The more drunk you are, the better you’ll be experiencing. My heart goes to Curby and Obscene Extreme Festival, FOR LIFE.




When I think of OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL, it always comes to my mind a great party and a great people. This year it’s my 11th time I’ll come back to OEF. 3 times I’ve played there with my band DEAD INFECTION, and 7 times I came as a fan of music. I think this is the best extreme music festival in the world. It is an event, where I can see not only the best bands in death/grind genre, but what is also important to me, at one time I can see full of my friends from all over the world. I wish that the festival was rolling in the same spirit for the next years. Thanks Curby!


Corporate Death


OK one quick story at one of the OE Czech Fests. I met a Polish friend who had the best Spiritos that he made himself. I drank way too much without eating (you get a better buzz that way), but then I couldn’t walk! My Manager and drummer tried to help me walk me walk out of the backstage and go back upstairs, but I still fell back down the stairs because I just couldn’t walk at all. I gashed my forehead on a muddy stair. The next day was our day to perform, so I had to play with a black eye and I did not drink anymore Spiritos that day.
What I would like to see ? Well I would like to see MACABRE play next year with IMPETIGO, that would be the ultimate Obscene Extreme Fest for .
Obscene Extreme is one of my favorite Fests to play for sure. There are bigger Fests, but this one is the most intimate, crazy and fun Fest that we have ever played at outdoors. The man behind this all is our good friend Curby, whom we have known for some years now, and he’s the man who makes this all happen and MACABRE thank him for the great Fest’s we have played !!!




There are many things I think about when it comes to Obscene Extreme. The by-product of it all though, is that the people out front who bother to spend their cash to come in seem to feel that they’re not treated like cattle. Everything at OEF seems free-and-easy to them - and that
really is hard to achieve in these times of corporate bombardment at bigger festivals.
From the band side of things, it seems somewhat surreal that I didn’t hear any band people complaining about the predominantly vegan menu - result! I heartily recommend the vegan goulash, by the way...
From the first Czech-based OEF we played, I laughed my arse off when we rolled onto the stage and there’s people swan-diving from the stage with the same intensity as you would see in a tiny hole-in-the-wall club. When you would see that at another summer festival?
Then there was the ‘bent’ stage at Mexico OEF that felt as if you were running uphill while playing onstage. Then - although I wasn’t personally there - there was Curby getting punched in the face in several cities on the OEF world tour for whatever reason. And lastly Curby pulling out his most hideously-coloured pair of training shoes (he has many) especially for every OEF. He’s a very stylish fella.




1. Grindcore, Absinth, vegan. Great times.

2. Truly the best festival in the world. I can’t wait to go back - on stage or as a visitor.

3. Backstage room makes you very sleepy: I’ve passed-out already twice quite soon after our set.

Rich Hoak


The best parts of OEF for me are sitting at the BT merch booth all day long in the hot sun smoking and drinking and seeing all of the friends i’ve met through grindcore over the years! For me it is more like a family reunion than a concert and this has been my OEF story since i first attended in 1999. if i like the bands playing or not, i know i will see grindfreaks from all over the world, old friends and new ones!!


Jason PC


Holy Fuck! Obscene Extreme, It has to to be the best music festival on 
the planet?

No bullshit sports drink promotions, No heavy handed security ready to 
beat you down for a simple stage invasion and no insane beer prices!
Grindcore and extreme music of every possible flavour and people who are 
there to have a good time and celebrate the community that has been 
created around the extreme music scene.

It’s such a rare thing to have a music festival that is willing to put 
quality before profit margins, a festival that is willing to bring bands 
from the far reaches of the globe and to have those bands play for 
people who really give a fuck!
It’s important, and I feel honored for being allowed to be a part of 
this festival a couple times now.
I wish i could be a part of it every year, its a good atmosphere and if 
you don’t like it? Then you’re most probably just a miserable cunt-go 
and join the herd at your corporate metal fest, buy an overpriced T- shirt from a band that hates you, swill expensive beer from a promoter 
that sees you as simply dollars and enjoy the music that is bland as 
shit. You deserve no less.

Hopefully see you there again one day!


Frank Healy


So OEF 2014 has arrived and if you are reading this then you are already in the middle of the most insane, friendly, freak festival that Benediction haver ever played !.We have played literally 100’s of festivals over the years but OEF is the one we always remember. From the minute we arrived we knew this festival was totally different from the corporate style festivals that we were used to playing. It looked like some giant mad party was going on both front and backstage. The whole atmosphere was laid back and friendly with children and adults alike just running amok and having a great time. Every band onstage were greeted as if they were the headline band. If you’ve never seen a stagediving banana or a semi naked Viking dancing around onstage then I recommend you just watch the bands for a while to watch the mayhem. Just brilliant. Curby, the guy who puts all this together never ceases to amaze me with the quality of bands every year that he gets on. Top that off with the low ticket prices and reasonable store prices makes this one big fun packed event.So enjoy, participate, laugh and have a great time watching the bands.
Benediction will play this festival again. And say hi to Curby and let him know that you are enjoying the event as he puts his heart and soul into making sure you all have a memorable time. Curby, we salute you.
Let the madness begin!




Obscene Extreme....what the hell shall I say? I have been participating in this festival from it´s beginning and I could be probably an inventory there..hehehe..
So far I was at every OEF volume and it´s the 16th issue this year. Sometimes working, sometimes playing with my band, sometimes just having a good time seeing many friends from all over the world and having a great party with them. Every year I can see this festival grow and it is a big pleasure to see that, because I do remember how Curby started with this fest on a tractor-trailer. It´s a bit of a waste to speak here about the great mood and the special aura of the festival. People who know, they know, who do not, they should come and visit the noisiest but on the other side the friendliest festival in the whole fucking world.
If you like it extreme, here is the right place for you. Here at the Trutnov Battlefield with the BEST FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD. OBSCENE EXTREME!!! Enjoy your stay and see you in the pit!!!




Obscene Extreme... What can we say about one of the longest running DIY festivals that offer so many underground bands to play in front of a frantic audience coming from all over the globe? The first time we played this festival must have been back in 2001 and then once again with Leng Tch’e somewhere in 2005, to finally come back with Aborted last year. Over the years we have only see the festival grow without it losing its die hard attitude and respect for both underground and more established bands.
You will see the craziest things at this festival and it was also the most intoxicated weekend of all year last night speaking for myself. Nothing but good times, good extreme music, and most of all, a bill that you don’t see on anyother festival run by a man who truly loves music and works hard for the underground scene, Nothing but respect!
Obscene Extreme, hopefully we can return, My body is ready!