EMBOLISM - Embolism of Human Degeneration


Today we introduce to you one of the top grind acts from our neighbours from Slovakia, EMBOLISM. The band around the Kotrik´s brothers was established in 1997 and soon after their start they released a demo that greatly describes their „Grind´n´Roll“ sound. Other recordings as splits or two full-length albums followed.

The band split up in 2003 to reunite even stronger recording their latest effort called  „Devilumination“. And not only with those tunes they will be attacking the OEF 2017!!!


The band was formed in 1997 with these members : Michal Kotrík (guitar), Peter Kotrík (guitar), Roman ´Kraken´ Kračmer (vocals), Rasťo ´Porky´ Páleš (drums) and Michal Gros (bassguitar). In that year was recorded their first demo, titled Grind ´n´ Roll, which is a mixture of grindcore and death metal. A year later came out split mc with the legendary Agathocles, which was full of pure grincore. In 1999 was recorded a 4 way split with bands Pissed Cunt, W.A.S.P and PBK, and in year 2000 they release their debut album under Erebos productions, named And We All Hate Ourselves. In that time Kraken left the band and Michal Gros took his place on vocals. In 2003 was released their second album Mindchaos (Forensick music), and year after they broke up, until 2010. Three years later, in 2013 they drop their latest album Devillumination, by Rest Of Noise production.

Actual members:

Michal Kotrík : guitar
Peter Kotrík: bass
Michal Gros :vocals


Release date Release name Media
2013 Devillumination full album
2003 Mindchaos full album
2000 And We All Hate Ourselves full album
1999 Embolism/Pissed cunt/W.A.S.P./PBK 1
1998 Embolism/Agathocles spit mc MC (TAPE)
1997 Grind N Roll DEMO
0 Haemorrhage/Embolism, Suffocate, Obliterate....split 7 EP


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