VIOLATOR - Endless Tyrannies


Brazilian thrash metal quartet VIOLATOR formed in 2002 belongs to the top acts of the second wave of Brazilian thrash metal influenced by the thrash period of the famous Brazilian act Sepultura amongst others. However, these young boys lead by bass player Pedro kick seriously these old asses!!! 

After their  debut album called Chemical Assault, which was released on the European continent by mighty Earache records, the boys played many shows in their home country as well as around the globe with such bands like Destruction and Malevolent Creation and also at the Japanese festival True Thrash fest in Osaca. After several releases such as split albums and EP´s they released their LP Annihilation Process and also their latest effort Scenarios of Brutality which was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Stage One studio in Germany under the watch of a great producer Andy Classen.  

VIOLATOR has a very good reputation as an intensive live band, so we can look forward to their extatic, angry and wild thrash rumble drawing on the legacy of the best acts of the turn of the 90`s. VIOLATOR will play just a single exclusive summer show in Europe and it will be at OEF 2017. TOTAL THRASH, VIOLATOR at OEF 2017!!! And they want to see the hell in the moshpit. We`re gonna easily fulfill their wish, right?!!!


Conceived in 2002 against the aseptic metal of the turn of the millennium, Violator personifies the trail of contamination that rescued the urgency and spontaneity of Thrash Metal. From the nuclear apocalypse of the early years of the band to the current scream of socio-political resistance in the form of riffs, the music of the four thrashers from Brasilia – Brazil exudes nonconformity, speed, esthetics from the 80’s and guitar pickings in profusion. 

All in favor of a hecatomb of stage dives and whose studio legacy has two full albums, two EPs, plus demos and splits with the best of the of the world underground. Poney (bass and vocals), Capaça (guitar), Cambito (guitar) and Batera (drums) are the guilty maniacs for the annihilation of the rockstar dream and have always performed under the sign of Kill Again Records, label encrusted in Ceilândia, satellite city ff the Brazilian Federal District. Sufficient scenario for the purposeful and ever-deepening dive into the underground of primitive sound. Ideal catalyst for confrontation without concessions to the market, major labels and upstart metal .  

In the circle pit intrinsic to Violator run in a circle much more legitimate purposes than fame, fortune and virtuality. Prevails in mind the primary purpose of having fun among friends and bringing the passion for Thrash Metal to the last consequences of the real world.


Release date Release name Media
2015 The Kids Will Have Their Say... Again Split video
2013 Scenarios of Brutality
2010 Annihilation Process EP
2006 Chemical Assault CD
2004 Violent Mosh EP


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