DEATHTOPIA - Human Anatomy Show


The music in the best tradition of Gore Metal, strongly influenced by genre classics like Carcass or Exhumed. Oh yes, it's DEATHTOPIA, a band with an international line-up, established by the guitarist and singer Mune in 2010 in Osaka, Japan. Band's first three-piece line-up recorded two full-length albums and played several tours around Asia and Europe.

In 2016 Mune changed the line-up and now an international four-piece band will come to OEF 2017 to show us Gore Metal in its pure form. A real symphony of a necro gore massacre!!!


Formed in Osaka Japan 2010
Mune(Gt, Vo), John(B, Vo), Yassy(Dr)

Sep/11/2011, 1st full length album ”Human Anatomy Show” released from One-A Records(Philippine)

Tassan(Gt) joined Deathtopia after recording.
and tour in Asia and Europe 2011〜2015
Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Germany , UK, Netherlands.

Feb/14/2015, 2nd full length album ”Caesarean Section” released from Splatter Zombie Records(Germany)

Tour again 2016
Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Europe tour in September 2016 with Italian lineup
Mune(Gt Vo),
Marco(B Vo) from Funeral Rape
Oscar(Gt) from Helion
Matteo(Dr) from Anymore
Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Czech

We play OEF 2017 with this Italian lineup.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Caesarean Section
2011 Human Anatomy Show


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