STORMTROOPERS OF BEER - Speak English or Die


An absolute BLAST!!! All of us know of course the metal legend, Danny Lilker, and all his bands and projects. He has graced Trutnov Battlefield with his presence a few times but this year it will for certain be very much special. Danny got together with great mates from General Surgery, Adde and Jocke and the singer Kenneth and the band STORMTROOPERS OF BEER or S.O.B. has seen the light of day.

As you may guess correctly it is about a cover of the legendary S.O.D. with an original member in the line-up!!! This year their essential album „Speak English or Die“ has its unbeliavable 30th anniversary and this will be their SOLE show in Europe in 2017. And so it´s quite possible the first riff of the „March of the S.O.D.“ will make the Battlefield in Trutnov collapse!!!


Around the same time Megaforce Records was talking about releasing a 30 year anniversary edition of Speak English or Die, Dan was also talking to his friends at Mikkeller in Copenhagen about him playing in some capacity at the beer festival they organize, Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen.  At that moment the idea was hatched to create a cover band playing SEOD in it's entirety as it was 15 years since S.O.D. did their last show and it would be so much fun to play those songs live again to commemorate the record's 30 year anniversary.  Dan reached out to his friends in General Surgery, Jocke and Adde, and Kenneth, a friend that works for Mikkeller about creating this band. Everybody was down and in May 2016 outside of Warpigs in Copenhagen, Stormtroopers of Beer played in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.  As it was so much fun not only for the band but the people who saw it, they decided to do it again. Therefore they are playing only 2 shows in 2017, Maryland Deathfest and Obscene Extreme.


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Rayn 12.12.2016 19:27

Tomas Lindberg ? By the vocal and feature.