AHUMADO GRANUJO - Ashtray Made Of Beef


This, presently, very well-known band was formed in 1999 as nothing but a funny project with a totally crazy mix of gore grind and techno and with obscene live shows. Today they can be considered one of the Czech leaders of gore grind scene. Although still a project they have done countless shows and tours all around the world with a lot of success. Two full-length albums and many split releases under their belt.


It's quite rare to see them live in the last few years because their members are busy with other bands like M.A.C. OF MAD, HEAVING EARTH, KINGKEPORKAK, CULT OF FIRE and others. So we are happy to welcome AHUMADO GRANUJO again on the boards of Obscene Extreme Festival after a long time!!! They will grind you to ashes!!!


The band was formed in 1999, the musicians were members of bands like Alienation Mental, Intervalle Bizarre, Oxyrbl and the vocalist, David.From the very beginning they shared love of Peter Jackson’s gore horrors and sympathy with underground techno. Their official debut was 7"EP split with Slovak band Čad. Then followed MC split with Utopia which appeared on a CD several years later.Two long-playing albums followed, both of which had several re-editons. The band continued playing live shows everywhere, regularly on festivals like Fekal Party, Brutal Assault, OEF, and also going on gigs abroad which culminated in European tour with their compatriots Cerebral Turbulency. The vocalist, David, was not able to cope with his heroin addiction which had been amusing until then and the band fired him. Several frontmen were exchanged and the band went on playing but as the time went by the band gradually transformed back to project and the members directed their energy into new bands (Uprise, M.A.C. OF MAD). In 2011 AHUMADO was renewed and the vocalist’s post was occupied by Burak (also in JIG-AI) and Wokatej (Deoag)Now is back lost son David and the band plays a memorial concerts and tours ….

Prague gore-grind squad AHUMADO GRANUJO is back from beyond! Rolling, bubbling and fundamentally with no lyrics! Don’t they have something to say to the world? On the contrary! Everything you need is hidden in their putrid sound which doesn’t hide admiration to Regurgitate, LDOH or CBT. Techno intros, that distinguish the band from other similar bands of the genre, are not only an instrument to heat up fans below the stage. AHUMADO was founded in 1999 originally only as a music project of several grind-death musicians from other bands. In the course of time their original bands were overshadowed and the project became a full-blown group. After several years of silence the band is returning to the scene to perform on festivals and in clubs around the world and now the time has come to make you dance….!


Release date Release name Media
2004 Chemical Holocaust CD
2004 Ahumado Granujo / Chemical Holocaust CD
2004 Ahumado Granujo / Chemical Holocaust CD
2003 AHUMADO GRANUJO / UTOPIA - instrumenta chirurgica - split CD
2001 Ahumado Granujo – Splatter Tekk CD
1999 Ahumado Granujo / Čad split 7
1999 Instrumenta Chirurgica DEMO


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