PSYKOANALYYSI - Paidan hinta on kuolema


The band describe themselves as a masked terrorist hardcore trio from Finland producing vitutus (look it up) hardcore and hailing from an unknown, secret place in the middle of Finland. As for their music it is a mix of old Finnish raw punk squads like Kaaos, Riistetyt, Totuus with grind passages.


This means the best for regular visitors as for both dancing and listening. Decidedly, PSYKOANALYYSI will be both a great musical and visual contribution to the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival in 2017!!!


Psykoanalyysi is a Finnish group of three masked grindcore-terrorists. The band started back in 2008 when the singer Kari Grindi made the band’s first demo as a protest against all the bands writing ”short songs”. The demo contained 10 songs in one minute. Psykoanalyysi was transformed into an actual band in 2010 when the drummer Aimo Mäjäys and the guitarist Perseus Ukkonen joined the band. At the time the songs got ”longer” and the music style started to take it’s form as straight to the point grindcore with crust/punk vibes, or just simply Vitutus Hardcore. Since that the band has released four EP’s, two live albums, a split with Human Error (2014), played numerous shows in Finland and done a few short tours in Europe.


Currently the band is working on a new album which will most likely be done in 2017. And needles to say the band is thrilled to bring the Vitutus to Obscene Extreme this year!


Psykoanalyysi is:


Kari Grindi - The Voice of Vitutus

Perseus Ukkonen - Guitar & Vocals

Aimo Mäjäys - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2015 Taistelu jatkuu - Live 2015
2015 Taistelu jatkuu - Live 2015
2014 Split Human Error / Psykoanalyysi CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2013 Ne valehtelee - Promotional Single 2013 DOWNLOAD
2012 Julistus EP DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2011 Kivitys EP CD, DOWNLOAD
2010 Vitutus EP DOWNLOAD
2010 Kusetus EP DOWNLOAD


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