MEAT SPREADER - Explosion Of Extremely Rotten Body


Many of you have surely asked for many years what the famous ex-singer of Dead Infection, Jaro does. Now we can answer he has been planning and realizing another gore grind act named MEAT SPREADER!!! Of course as always with his inextricable long-time mate Tocha. They called the most competent grinders such as Artur from Squash Bowels (R.I.P) and Radek from The Dead Goats/Bialystok. 

These veterans of extreme scene will deliver gore grind of the best tradition and highest quality right on the OEF stage. The gentlemen have just released their first effort in MCD format called „Excessive Consumption of Human Flesh“ on Japanese Obliteration Records and they will for sure introduce it to us at OEF. Be ready for a slaughter, MEAT SPREADER!!!


Idea for starting Meat Spreader appeared in Spring 2016 when Jaro (ex - Dead Infection) met Arthur (Squash Bowels ) . After few beers they agreed that time has come to create a band which in its sound will refer to grind core's golden years. After next few beers Tocha (ex- Dead Infection) and Radek ( The Dead Goats / Neuropathia) joined them. Few months of cooperation resulted in recording stuff for debut MCD "Excessive Consumption of Human Flesh" which will be released by Obliteration Records. Currently band works on tracks for their full length album and promises huge dose of noisy rotten and old school gore grind core!!!! Fuck the posers it is the time for Meat Spreader!


Release date Release name Media
2016 Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh CD


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