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In this case the speed really prevails. Absolute grind core with a small touch of crust and hardcore, this is SLAVEBREED, a quintet from Athens, Greece. They have been grinding their core for more than 10 years and certainly they are one of the leaders of the European grind core scene. The guys have recorded great albums like „Pain Syndicate“ or „Dethrone the Architect“ and of course they are a very active live band who have toured around Europe several times. And we are happy to welcome them again on the boards of OEF 2017!!!


Slavebreed is a band from Athens, Greece, playing a mixture of grindcore and death metal with some crust / hardcore influences.

They were formed in late 2004 by Pavlos and Kostas, from the remains of Pavlos' older deathcore side-project band with the same name ("Scorned" mcd, 2001). 
Slavebreed recorded a 4-track live rehearsal mini-cd in early 2007, receiving positive feedback and less than one year later recorded their first full length album, "Pain Syndicate", released under L'Inphantile Collective (Czech Republic, 2008). 
"Pain Syndicate" received great reviews worldwide and soon after its release Slavebreed hit the road, performing live on a number of tours all around Europe.

In 2011 a 7” split was released with Hibernation / Χειμερία Νάρκη, under Noise Attack (GR) and World's Appreciated Kitsch (GR), featuring 3 new songs. In addition “Dog Eat Dog” cover was recorded for the official Disrupt tribute compilation, released at a later time (2013) under Power It Up records (DE). 
In the summer of 2012 Slavebreed released their second full-length album, "Dethrone the Architect", under L'Inphantile Collective (CZ) and Noise Attack (GR). Once again “Dethrone the Architect” got great reviews and was considered to be a more mature approach to the band’s prospect and expectation, based on personal sound and ‘catchy’ riffs.

In 2015 another 7” split was released with Birdflesh, called “Nekroacropolis”, under Screaming Victims Distro (GR). 
Up until now Slavebreed have visited numerous countries in Europe supporting their releases, have taken part in events such as Obscene Extreme Fest (CZ), Fekal Party (CZ), Bloodshed Fest (NL), Scum Fest (UK), Play Fast or Don't (CZ), Arschcholio Fest (DE), Gore Galore Fest (PL), Crash Fest (SK) and have shared the stage with great bands (Napalm Death, Ratos De Porao, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Nausea, Birdflesh, Fear Factory, Blockheads, Doom, Agathocles, Gadget, Dead In The Dirt, Rotten Sound, Master, Hellshock, The Rotted, Jig-Ai, Rompeprop, Severe Torture, Disfear, Afgrund, Wormrot, Venomous Concept, Mumakil, Krush and many others), receiving positive feedback from the European grind scene.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Nekroacropolis - 7” split with Birdflesh
2014 Dethrone the Architect - Cass
2013 Undead - A Tribute to Disrupt” CD, LP
2012 Dethrone the Architect CD
2011 Hibernation / Slavebreed - 7” Split
2009 Obscene Extreme 2009 CD
2008 "Pain Syndicate" CD
2007 Live Rehearsal CD


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