PSYCHONEUROSIS - Second Category Man


Here we have another comeback in the grindcore family. The Polish band PSYCHONEUROSIS that had a very active period between 1991 and 2001 when they played many shows and did even more recordings disbanded due to their professional responsibilities.

No one has ever thought the boys would get together again, but the messages are clear. They are back again in 2016. One of the oldest Polish grindcore names and we are happy to invite them to the OEF 2017`s stage!!!


Psychoneurosis was established in September 1991.We had  highs and lows,wonderful and terrible days,like probably ever band in early days.The problems were connected with frequents of the group’s members.In spite of differences in favourite kind of music among bands members we’ve finally come to agreement in recording new tracks.This revealed as a nice mixture grind core and crust/punk .We hope you find it as a original and interesting music.There are many changes in texts.They are more engaged and serious.We have played concerts so far. They were shown in Poland,Czech Rep.and Slovakia.The last concert played in Debica 21.04.2001.After 15 years, Sonia/vox/ decided to reactivate the band. He invited to cooperate  Jasiu/old Psychoneurosis drummer/ and Laski/ guitarist in Bottom/And so here we are.We return again from the grind retirement.


Release date Release name Media
2007 Dead but Not Forgotten - 10 Years on the Frontline –Discography CD
2000 Life for Money -7’’EP EP
2000 Psychoneurosis / Injustice System / Rabies / Slaves of System- 4 way split tape
2000 Psychoneurosis / Perpetual -split tape
2000 S.A.A.E.I. / Psychoneurosis -split cd-r CD
2000 Brutal Insanity/Psychoneurosis -split 7”EP EP
2000 Dikat/Godless Truth/Fuck the Facts/Psychoneurosis/C.A.D. -5 way split tape
1999 Miserable Failure / Psychoneurosis -split tape
1999 Psychoneurosis/Lunatic Asylum -split tape
1998 Co się dzieje z naszymi pieniędzmi? MC (TAPE)
1998 Ag/Malignant tumour/Psychoneurosis -3 way split tape1998
1998 Psychoneurosis / Social Deformity -split tape1998
1995 Asylum for... MC (TAPE)
1995 Violent Headache / Psychoneurosis -split tape
1995 Psychoneurosis/Ipekakuana-split tape
1994 This Also Man DEMO
1992 Official Rehearsal-tape
1992 Psychoneurosis/Descarga Nociva-split tape
1992 Psychoneurosis / Grossmember -split tape


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