Of course there will be place for Brazilian bands in the line-up for 2017. What would Obscene Extreme Festival be without this unique unrestrained underground scene? The chance to show their energetic grind with punk explosions will be given to TERROR REVOLUCIONÁRIO. 

This Brazilian squad has been founded already in 1999. We can obviously look forward to a show full of energy. Fans of Ratos De Porao, Forca Macabra, Rot or Besthoven will for sure be satisfied!!! 


Terror Revolucionário was formed in February of 1999 by Thiago "Capitão Barbosa" (guitars/vocals), Jeffer "Hellmatismo" (drums) and Fellipe CDC (vocals) aiming to play freestyle Hardcore.
Freestyle Hardcore is the ideal the band has in order to play throughout almost all sub styles of Hardcore punk without worrying so much about stylistic boundaries.

The lyrics deal with social, political and behaviour topics.

Throughout the years, Terror Revolucionário went through various line up changes but got settled down as soon as Adriana became the bass player/vocalist in 2004.

Since the beginning of its activities, Terror Revolucionário has played in various festivals and gigs of all sizes, from the independent small ones to big festivals. The band has also been featured in many compilations in cd and cassette, has recorded a VHS by the name of "Convocação Terrorista", and had split releases with bands such as Death Slam, Defy and Galinha Preta. It has also released 2 indie albums, the last one being named Mr. Crack.

All of the members of the band play or have played in other bands such as Death Slam, Kaos Klitoriano, Possuído Pelo Cão, Mayombe, Innocent Kids, Caligo, Crushed Bones, Slam Noise Terror, Scumbag and Besthoven.

Fellipe CDC - vocals

Adriana Drikaos - Bass/vocals

Jeffer "Hellmatismo" - Drums

Capitão Barbosa - Guitars/vocals


Release date Release name Media
2016 7' split Galinha Preta - Live in Conic CD
2014 Mr. Crack CD
2011 7' split Defy EP
2002 Terror Revolucionário CD
2000 7' split Death Slam EP


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