SHITFUCKINGSHIT - Raped and Canonized


This bizarre trio from Italy called SHITFUCKINGSHIT presents really an insane mixture of the most extreme musical styles like grind core, gore death and Italian 80´s hardcore. It started just as a one man noise core project and in the course of time it evolved into a trio of maniacs who fucking bomb it.

So be prepared…these three Italian shit – heads will deliver a really brutal portion of musical violence to OEF!!!


Bizarre grindgore mixed with extreme hardcore '80s and noisecore wall of sound. Born in 2006 in Trieste, north-east of Italy.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Life Of Excess CD
2015 Live in Nottingham, 2014 CD
2015 "Nella Media Patologica" feat. RIchard from EU's Arse DOWNLOAD
2012 Fat Ugly Bastards EP
2010 Eat My Shit And Die CD


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