Festival from A to Z


Of course that you can bring your tents and be non-stop in Festival area.

Search for actual info (sorry for being this site just in Czech language, but you can find there some useful links for hotels, pensions): click here

You can try also Booking.com website


Fly to Prague “Ruzyne” (160 Km from Trutnov) or Brno (188 Km from Trutnov), Wroclaw/Poland (123 Km from Trutnov), Katowice /Poland (305 Km from Trutnov) or Bratislava/Slovakia (365 km from Trutnov).


Most of you will land on Prague's airport Ruzyne, terminal 2...don't use taxi as it's incredible expensive (500 czk!!!) and Prague's taxi drivers are really not fair at all...use public transport, in front of the terminal is station of bus that will drive you to nearest Metro's station (subway), station of the subway is Dejvicka or Zlicin, ticket for 1 hour trip is about 32 czk only (for 90 minutes ride) and you can buy it inside of terminal or in ticket vender outside of terminal on the bus station...

Subway in Prague is quite easy, just 3 lines (see map here) and you have to choose your destination for your hotel/motel or if you want to continue directly to Trutnov you have to locate station Hlavni Nadrazi on red line C (railway station) for trains or Cerny Most on yellow line B (bus station) for buses...

Check www.idos.cz and click on flag of your language...


www.smartwings.net - from Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Palma de Malorca, Milano, Venezia, Rome, Heraklion, Larnaca to Prague.
www.ryanair.com - from London - Stansted to Brno, from Frankfurt, Dublin, Birmingham, East Bidlands and Stockholm to Prague
www.germanwings.com - from Stuttgart, Cologne-Bonn to Prague
www.jet2.com- from Edinburgh, Leeds-Bradford to Prague
www.bmibaby.com - from Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands to Prague
www.easyjet.com - from London - Stansted or Gatwick, Bristol, Newcastle, East Midlands, Belfast, Dortmund, Milano - Malpensa to Prague
www.csa.cz- Czech airlines, anywhere from Europe, sometimes good offers
www.wizzair.com - from Liverpool, London, Paris, Dortmund, Frankfurt-Hahn, Stockholm, Milan, Rome, Barcelona and more to Katowice/Cracow
www.skyeurope.com - from Amsterdam, Brusel, Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona, Milan/Bergamo, Rome, Neapol, Venice, London - Luton, Copenhagen, Athens, Dubrovnik and more to Prague
www.norwegian.no - from Oslo, Bergen, Trodheim, Stavanger, Stockholm and more to Prague
www.ba.com - from London to Prague
www.flytap.com - from Lisbon to Prague
www.brussselairlines.com - from Brussel to Prague
www.clickair.com - from Barcelona to Prague
www.meridiana.it - from Florence to Prague
http://w3.volawindjet.it/default.aspx?lang=en - from Forli, Palermo, Catania to Prague
www.click4sky.com - from all over Europe to Prague

AIRPORT's info:

PRAGUE airport
BRNO airport
WROCLAW airport


Destination maps:

Ryanair destination map
German Wings destination map
Jet 2 destination map
Bmi Baby destination map
Easyjet destination map
Fly Sas destination map
Czech Airlines destination map
Wizzair destination map
Sky Europe destination map
Norwegian destination map
British Airways destination map
Fly Tap destination map
Brusel Airlines destination map
Click Air destination map
Meridiana destination map
Wind jet destination map
Click 4 Sky destination map

From airport you can use public transport which is cheap, see this info for all details: how to get from airport to Prague

Then you can go by train or bus to TRUTNOV (try www.idos.cz and click on flag of your language), from train station you can walk to fest area, but check OEF website from time to time, we are thinking to have shuffle bus going between train/bus station and festival area.


TRUTNOV bus or train station, it's just like 2/3 km to festival area, you can use taxi, ask for price first! Everybody knows festival area "Na Bojisti" or just take a walk... see city map here and festival area map see below, campy is straight ahead and then left in city's park.


Hell yeah, as every year OEF is real international party!!! Extreme musick from all over the world will meet in Trutnov, Czech republic!!!


At the end of 2018, there was 44 large breweries and over 450 microbreweries in the Czech Republic. It means there is one brewery for every 20 thousand citizens while neighbouring Germany has a density of only one brewery for every 50 thousand citizens. What more – on average, the is one microbrewery being opened in the Czech Republic every week. So, by the time OEF 2019 starts, there will be about 530 operating breweries in Czech. What a paradise for beer lovers!

Since OEF has always been about introducing new bands, original music and captivating performances, we want to bring you this Czech beer paradise to the OEF area. We will keep the existing offer of the top Pilsner Urquell family of beer brands but now enhanced about a selection of top Czech microbrewers.

25 delicious beers from five breweries: Clock, Mordyr (The Murderer), Trautenberk, Flying Cestmir and Pilsner Urquell. Get ready for the Obscene Extreme beer!!!

Expect nothing less than beer revolution at the beer selection for 2019!!!


Yes, be ready - The D-day, the H-hour and the S-second are almost here!!!


Way to Trutnov by Bus, but keep in mind train connection is easier!!!

For complete info please check your local searching web page!!! by train/bus - check this site for info about trains/bus connection to TRUTNOV - it's www.idos.cz where you can choose from CZECH, ENGLISH and GERMAN languages and find there really very actual and complete info!!!


1 big campsite near to festival place!!!



Remember, if you are going to use motorway or highway, you have to buy a vignette for 310CZK = approx. €12 (10 days validity)!!!

Attention!!! From 1st july 2006 we have new law about road transport and police is checking everything and everywhere mainly light on all day long, seat belts and running speed (maximal 50 km in city/village, 90 km standart roads and 130 km on highway!!!) and never drink alcohol before you'll drive!!!

You can search for your own way (use www.mappy.com for example), address of festival area is:

Festival area Na Bojisti
Kralovedvorska (street)
541 01 TRUTNOV
Czech republic

In Trutnov you’ll see our own OEF signs that will be on all important crossways!!! Or you can follow sing HRADEC KRALOVE!!!


With every ticket you´ll get free OEF 2015 festival CD our BIG THANX for supporting our fest!!!


Once again we will have there more waste baskets and we believe that all together we can do festival area cleaner and more comfortable place to stay whole weekend!!! We will also separate some waste as paper and plastic. We are also seriously thinking about Cups buy back system for this year to make our festival green as much as possible


We have our own currency Czech koruna, but you can pay easely with Euro in festival area, and we suppose in every shop of Metal-core market!!! You need Czech korunas for buying bus/train tickets etc.!!! No credit cards in festival area, just cash!!!


OBSCENE EXTREME 2006 2x DVD – still available show from 2006!!! View e-card !!!

OBSCENE EXTREME 2005 2x DVD - mega recollection of one hell an extreme festival!!! NTSC version is out now!!!

NTSC version is here!!! Two DVD discs are ready to make your player exploding!!! View E-card !!!



Battlefield (Na Bojisti in Czech) in Trutnov, festival area you all know and love!!!

Pleasant, summer amphitheatre proved throughout the years, an auditorium in a gentle slope where anybody will see. If you want, you can even make use of benches!!! No barriers between the fans and the band!!! All in one place, a campsite next to the venue, showers very near, town (hotels, guest houses, hostels) around the corner!!!


Suspension show from the Prague body mods studios INKDIVIDUAL!!! If you wish to be more beatiful then go here – http://www.inkdividual.cz



Everything dangerous. Glass, bottles, explosives, weapons and animals!!!


For GPS lovers:

Main festival gate:

Festival area Na Bojisti

Kralovedvorska ulice 90 (street)

541 01 Trutnov

Czech republic

GPS: Loc: 50°33'10.546"N, 15°54'20.602"E

Entryway for bands:

food-supply, grind market i situated just 50 meters from main gate.

GPS: Loc: +50° 33' 7.20", +15° 54' 22.77"

Entryway for parking:

is on same side of the road as festival area Battlefield and it´s something like 300 meters from main gate...you drive in rural road and turn left and then you´ll see OEF crew that will help you!

GPS GPS location for entryway for parking (parking fee is 300 Czech koruna for all festival days, have coins ready please or buy in advance thru Obscene e-shop!!!): Loc: +50° 32' 56.64", +15° 54' 33.94"

GRIND MARKET market - one of the biggest market for extreme music in Czech!!!

Of course, as every year, we’re preparing massive GRIND MARKET and it starts on Wednesday at 10.00!!! If you want to book Selling area at Obscene Extreme please write us now curby@obscene.cz for further info and reservation.

If you have good idea how to complete OEF about non music activities or you want to introduce your non-profit association to OEF audience, write us as well!!!


Feel free download our posters/banner, e-card and spread it everywhere you can!!! If you wanna/can spread printed flyers, send us your address please!!! Download here: www.obsceneextreme.cz/en/promopage

HOLIDAY in Czech???

Why not??? We have plenty to offer - click on website of Czech tourism where you can get lots of tips what to do and enjoy in Czech...of course PRAGUE is magical city and then you can go to see also Czech UNESCO monuments or another nice towns of Czech like pearl of South Bohemia - CESKY KRUMLOV or KUTNA HORA....we'll give you some tips soon...surely you'll find here friendly people and cheap holiday!!!

More info you can get on Lonely Planet website

Our tips >>>

http://www.kostnice.cz/ - Awesome ossuary, morbid place full of skulls and skull/bones art!!!

http://www.kuks.cz/ - Castle Kuks - info in Czech on this site...

http://www.detenice.cz/ - Bohemian Paradise

http://www.ceskehory.cz/krkonose/mesta_gb.asp?ID=152 - Waterfalls Mumlava


KIDS on OEF - GRINDCORE - choice of a new generation!!!

Take your kinds with you to enjoy the festival too!!! Kids up to 12 years do not pay any entrance fee of course! Kids do belong to OEF – Grind kindergarten, two teepees with a lot of entertainment for the kids. They will for sure not forget new friends and all the adventures from Obscene Extreme for long!  Kids`corner is for free and children are taken care of by 4 great people.   If you need any help, assistance, contact me please curby@obscene.cz!!!

Open (Kinder Grinder is sponzored by OEF and is free of charge, there´re 4 cool people that care about your kids):

Thursday 13.00 – 20.00

Friday 11.00 – 20.00

Saturday 11.00 – 20.00

Program in the kids corner: 

Competitions: slalom with an egg, potion tasting, seven-league boots run, tin knock down, sack jumping, tug-of-war...Every day we choose 3 best Obsceners who will be rewarded.  

Art activities: tattoo sticking, making masks, making jewels, making caps, handmade posters & displaying them in the venue, face painting...  

Sport activities: ball games, football, frisbee, badminton... 

Searching for treasures in the surroundings, walks to the ponds and the memorial behind the Battlefield...  

Visiting concerts of favourite bands and a possibility to stage-dive..  

Water battle if hot or party games, trip with rubber boots and raincoat around the vanue in case of rainy weather. That is why take rubber boots, raincoats and spare clothing for your kids that can be painted, dirtied or wetted. 

If you want to be sponzor of our Kinder Grinder corner, just send or bring some gifts for kids… we will gladly appreciate it!!!

Take your offspring with you so they can also enjoy the festival ride!!! Kids have free entrance until 14 years!!!


Find it on the new place, not far from beer tent.


The masks are an inseparable part of the Obscene Extreme festival and all of us love them for sure!!! Look at some of the first class masks various lunatics brought with them for some of the previous volums. Try to think about your "image" for the new party which is soon to come....


The festival parking lot is situated as near as possible to the fest venue of “Battlefield”. It is directly connected to the fest venue. The venue and the center of the event, the stage, is near to your car or tent!!! The parking fee is 300,- CZK a car (500,- CZK over 3,5 t) for the whole duration of the festival…. You may ask yourselves why to pay for a parking lot. The reason is the hire of another venue next to the fest venue costs additional (considerable) money. We also pay OEF crew who help with parking organisation and we will be glad if you help us financially. Both the parking lot and the camp will be opened on Wednesday 3th at 10:00 to Sunday 7th until 12:00!!! It is not possible to leave and arrive to the parking lot repeatedly. You come, pay the parking fee, OEF crew help you to find a free place, stop, apply the handbrake and leave only after the fest is over on Sunday.

Parking close to your tent, no on road and also no parking at front of the gate to houses of Trutnov's natives. Please, be fine and take care of good name of OBSCENE EXTREME and your own good name too!!!


Orange T-shirts – security/crew, they are here for you and for your safety just only. Please respect their orders!!!


Wednesday 13.00 - ?? Thursday 14.00 - 02.00, Friday 11.00 - 03.00, Saturday 10.00 - 03.00


We adore that feeling when you are having lots of fun!!! But some rules are to be defined. For stage diving is determined first one meter (1.10 yd) of the stage. Do not stay here longer than 5 seconds or hang over among members of the playing bands or behind the monitors!!! This year will help you on the stage like OEFcrew our friends from INGROWING, ISACAARUM or MALIGNANT TUMOUR so please respect them, don’t forget that these guys are playing our festival very often too and they know perfectly where you can go and where no!!!


Every year we also recommend several tips for trips in a near environment of the event... except for a classical excursion to Kostnice (ossuary) for example. Check these sites and natural beauties.... Trutnov is the gate to our well-known mountains to Krkonose mountains. So, if you plan a holiday, here you can find some tips and photos....

The Broumov Region and the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks area offer a number of activities that can be enjoyed all year round. Lovers of hiking, biking and rock climbing will find excellent opportunities for their hobbies in the area. 


Relax Park: is newly opened sports and relax centre. It is situated beneath the highest peak of the Czech Republic “Snezka”. You cannot look over it during your visit in Pec pod Snezkou. 


Pec pod Snezkou (750 m above sea level), a picturesque mountain town, is the most frequent starting point for trips to the highest Czech peak. Pec pod Snezkou cableway in Snezka is an ideal means of transport, especially for your trip during the summer months. The cableway will get you comfortably through the midway-station on Ruzova hora (Pink Mountain, 1354 m above sea level) to Snezka (1594 m).Within less than 30 minutes you will experience an altitude difference of more than 680 m. You can continue your trip from Snezka on marked tourist paths leading to Lucni bouda, Spindleruv Mlyn, Pec pod Snezkou or Horni Mala Upa.

Castle Kuks:


Some more useful website:



For complete info please check your local searching web page!!! by train/bus - check this site for info about trains/bus connection to TRUTNOV - it's www.idos.cz where you can choose from CZECH, ENGLISH and GERMAN languages and find there really very actual and complete info!!!



OEF profile on youtube : www.youtube.com/ObsceneExtremeFest


Since first year we have just vegan and vegetarian food on OEF and we'll continue in this blood free tradition forever. Do you ask why? I'm long-time vegan myself and this life style is something very important for me and I really can't support the bloody business even on festival that I organize...animals can't thank you but I can can and I do: thanx to all people that support this idea and will be vegans and vegetarians even for this one weekend, enjoy our food and support animal rights...


The whole production will be this year again accompanied by videoprojection along by left side of the stage.



Yes = Ano /ʌnɔ/

No = Ne /ne/

Please = Prosím /prɔsi:m/

Thank you = Děkuji /djekʊji/

Hi = Ahoj /ʌhɔj/

Sorry = Promiňte /prɔminte/

Today = Dnes /dnes/

Tomorrow = Zítra /zi:trʌ/

over there = Tam /tʌm/

when = Kdy /gdi/

to the left = Vlevo /vlevɔ/

to the right = Vpravo /fprʌvɔ/

straight = Rovně /rɔvnje/

near = Blízko /bli:skɔ/

far = Daleko /dʌlekɔ/

Help! = Pomoc! /pɔmɔts/

Call the ambulance! = Zavolejte sanitku! /zʌvɔleite sʌnitkʊ!/

How are you? = Jak se máte? /jʌk se ma:te?/

Fine, thank you. = Dobře, děkuji. /dɔbrʒe,djekʊji/

Do you speak English? = Mluvíte anglicky? /mlʊvi:te anglitski/

How much is it? = Kolik to stojí? /kɔlik tɔ stɔji:?/

beer = Pivo /pivɔ/

coffee = Káva /ka:vʌ/

lemonade (soft drink) = Limonáda (nealko) /limona:dʌ (neʌlkɔ)/

tea = Čaj /tʃʌj/

I do not understand = Nerozumím /nerɔzʊmi:m/

food = Jídlo /ji:dlɔ/

music = Hudba /hʊtbʌ/

Grindcore is the law. = Grindcore to je zákon. /grindko:r tɔ je za:kɔn/

For advanced only!

333 silver fire engines sprayed over 333 silver roofs = Třistatřicettři stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo přes třistatřicettři stříbrných střech /trʒistʌrʒitsettrʒi strʒi:brni:h strʒi:kʌtʃek strʒi:kʌlɔ prʒes trʒistʌrʒitsettrʒi strʒi:brni:h strʒeh/


Weather forecast for Trutnov


It is clear you are going to spend 3-4 days at the fest so be ready for everything. We advise you better to be ready with a kit-bag for both the sunny and the rainy variant plus you can take ID card, health insurance card (especially stage divers!!! This is really important!!! Also travel insurance is good thing!), see example: European Health Insurance Card, hygienic stuff, rain coat (perfect idea!!! we will sell raincoats in grind market as well!), WC paper, sun glasses, sun lotion, tent, sleeping bag. Leave all expensive belongings as expensive cameras, video-cameras, jewellery etc. in home!!!

And of course don´t forget mask, you´re going to Obscene Extreme!!!