BLACK SKIES BURN - Dead By Association


Despite the fact they have existed for 10 years they are still quite new and unknown. BLACK SKIES BURN from Oxfordshire, England have taken a fancy to a brutal noise in a grind death style with DIY ethics. They have managed to support some big names such as Sepultura or Extreme Noise Terror amongst others and to release several DIY recordings.

These great guys destroy us by their grind death in the best tradition of the UK bands, so we really have something to look forward to. BLACK SKIES BURN will set the skies on fire at OEF 2017!!!


Brutal DIY 4 piece Death Grind band hailing from the bowels of Oxfordshire,UK. Blasting since October 2005 with influences including Hardcore Wrestling, Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth,Wormrot, Pig Destroyer,Disrupt,booze and 420 !
We have opened for Sepultura, toured with Extreme Noise Terror and are due to blast 3 dates across Ireland with Napalm Death and Warpath in 2017 ! We are endorsed by David Laboga Cabs and Spectraflex Cables. We also host shows in Camden London for Slave To The Grind Promotions ! GRIND 420 !!!!


Chris Marks (Guitar / Bookings)

Steve Butler (Drums)

Will Michlyk (Bass / Media/flyers)

Simon Manion (Vocals)


Release date Release name Media
2016 Brian Blessed Are The Sick - Split Cd with UK HateGrind
2015 To Grind And Pound - Split EP with Holocausto Canibal EP
2013 To Punish And Enslave - Debut Album
2013 Stuck On A Name Live Album
2008 Consequences And Repercussions EP
2006 Lamb Of Sacrifice Demo


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