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Thrash till Death!!! The thrash metal legend of DARKNESS from Germany who wrapped it up in 1993 having recorded two great albums „Death Squad“ and „Defenders Of Justice“ by that time have recently restarted with two original members in the line-up and recorded a new rough thrash metal album titled „The Gasoline Solution“ after more than 25 years since the last one. 

The album has just been released (October 2016) and the fans of this band or of the style can keep calm. Nothing new or very turbulent has happened. DARKNESS have still been pounding out sharp and uncompromising thrash metal. They have not softened. You will have the chance to convince yourselves of this fact live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!!!


The thrash-metal-command DARKNESS comes from the „Ruhrgebiet“ in Germany, one of the most creative areas for thrash metal in the 1980s besides the bay-area around San Francisco.

The band was founded in 1984 and made itself a name with the demo tapes „The Evil Curse“, „Titanic War“ and „Spawn Of The Dark One“. In the years 1987 to 1989 three albums were released. The first album DEATH SQUAD is regarded as thrash-classic, it influenced thrash musicians and is known for this still today.

In 1999 DARKNESS began to wind down, in 1999 singer Olli died.

In 2004 Lacky and Arnd, two of the original members, reanimated the thrash-guerilla.

The albums “Death Squad“, “Defenders Of Justice“ and “Conclusion & Revival“ were re-released in 2005. In addition to that the CD “Bocholt Live Squad” was published, a live recording from May, 17th 1987. 

Further on a three vinyl box named “The Demos” was released in 2008, including the demo tapes, the live recording of the “Keep it true“– festival gig of 2006 and extensive bonus material.

Lacky and Arnd played as „Eure Erben“ until 2010, then the musicians released a new album under the name of DARKNESS.

On the occasion of the 25th release of the first album and due to the great demand for DARKNESS the albums „Death Squad“ and „Defenders of Justice“ were released a third time.

The line up of the band changed many times and Lacky and Arnd, the constants of the band, were looking for a solid cast for a comeback. In 2013 axeman Meik joined the band.

In the end of 2014 Lee joined the band as singer while Arnd focussed on the guitar and backings from then on. In 2015 Dirk took the part as bass-player from Christian „Speesy“ Gießler who had to give up DARKNESS for his main job at KREATOR.

Since the „Keep it true“ Festival but in particular since 2014 DARKNESS played numerous of shows at notable festivals and in clubs across Europe.

The band still proofs what they stand for: Oldschool Teutonic Thrash – brute, fast, tough-minded and mean.

The forthcoming album „The Gasoline Solution“, released in 2016, is going to be a real follower of the two classics „Death Squad“ and „Defenders of Justice“.


Release date Release name Media
2016 The Gasoline Solution
2015 Thrash Till Death! CD
2015 XXIX EP
2008 The Demos
2005 Bocholt Live Squad
1989 Conclusion & Revival
1989 Spawn of the Last One DEMO
1988 Defenders of Justice
1987 Death Squad
1987 Promo Tape DEMO
1987 Cleans Pforzheim DEMO
1986 Attack the Mephisto DEMO
1986 Titanic War DEMO
1986 Spawn of the Dark One DEMO
1985 The Evil Curse DEMO
1985 Iron Force DEMO


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