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NO GOD RHETORIC - Prvotni strach


NO GOD RHETORIC is finally and after a long time a band from Brno which was able to mix powerviolence and grindcore both perfectly and in an ideal ratio. Like when you're mixing absinth with water (or vodka?). You will never forget. When I first saw them at a gig I felt the energy very similar to that from my favorite band The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Their music goes towards fastcore and grindcore waters and I feel they have been influenced by bands like Chiens, Lycanthrophy, Magrudergrind or The Afternoon gentlemen whose song Grind in the mind they covered excellently. There are fast, heavy and uncompromising parts in the songs of NO GOD RHETORIC and also their music is full of breaks, changes of tempo, effective stop and go parts and some "mosh circle pit passages” for the mosh suicide kids can be found too. All in all the 16-minute set will devastate you and hammer you down into the ground where the zombie grindcore worms will devour you!!!


No God Rherotic was formed in November, 2005 by guitarist Jeffrey(Tukan), vocalist Jimmy and drummer Erik. Within a half year they wrote a short but intensive programme in Fastcore/ Grind style enhanced with cover of Magrudergrind's ''Closed Off'' and started playing gigs at first just in Czech Republic. The first recorded material was released in March 2017 as a limited split 7''Ep with Kandar on German label Witchcraft Records. By this time the band was already strengthened by Johan on bass (known in the scene already from Prumyslova Smrt on guitar), but his playing on record can be heard only on the second recorded material from the beginning of 2017. This recording is to be out as a split 7'' again, this time with ZEN/AKU from Columbia (right now the bands are searching for labels to realize this material). In the meantime No God Rhetoric continues playing live planning to add more foreign countries to the list of already played gigs so far in Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

Jimmy - vocal
Jeffrey - guitar
Johan - bassguitar
Erik - drums


Release date Release name Media
2017 No Rhetoric / Kandar split 7" EP
0 comming soon split 7", this time with ZEN/AKU(Columbia)


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