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RAZORRAPE was estabilished as a one-man project by Martin Schönherr, ex-drummer of the bands like Deranged, Splattered Mermaids or Virgin Sin, in 2004. RAZORAPE is quite unusually a gore/grind band hailing from the European cradle of traditional death metal known as Sweden. The guys added the line-up in 2006 putting out several recordings in different formats together with the well-known Rotten Roll Rex label.

Nowaydays as trio they have managed to tour all around Europe and even Mexico where they had a proper tour. We gonna see them at the OEF stage a second time. RAZORRAPE, it´s gore and sodomy in the Swedish style!!!


RazorRape emerged from the filthy plains of the south of Sweden as a one-man army back in 2004, formed by drummer Martin Schönherr (ex-DERANGED, SPLATTERED MERMAIDS, VIRGIN SIN). The project had a sole purpose of creating the most brutal and sickest tunes of this world. In the same year, the first demo "Postmortal pleasure" was recorded on Christmas Day '04, released in a few copies, and in 2006 the sickness continued on with a split-CD with Swedish goregrinders INFECTED KIDNEYS.

In summer 2008 Niklas Lindeke (Carnalist) joined the band on guitar and with Martin Schönherr on drums/vocals the band recorded the EP “Deep Red”, released in 200 copies on GOREGEOUS PRODUCTIONS. After hearing the EP German gore/grind label ROTTEN ROLL REX made a record real with RazorRape, and in late 2009 this resulted in the most revolting album "Unleashing the Shemales of Vengeance".

A cancelled tour, lack of rehearsals, and musical differences within the band made 2010 a problematic year for RazorRape. The band played some shows in Sweden but it was pretty clear that the line-up wouldn't last forever. Niklas left the band early 2011, and was replaced by Alexander Roth, and a new and perverted era for the band begun. The new line-up ignited a goregeous year of 2011, where RazorRape grinded through a lot of shows, played on Hood of Hate festival in south Germany, Obscene Extreme festival in Czech Republic, and frenzied their way though a mini tour in Austria/Czech Republic end of 2011. In addition, the obscenities were further concretised with the second fullength album "Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores", horrifically released Friday 13th January 2012 by ROTTEN ROLL REX.

During 2012, RazorRape continued with delivering their gore-infused sickness to the depraved masses, berserking their way through a German minitour, some shows with Dutch goregrinders CLITEATER, and on SICKFEST (Denmark). Always hungry, they appeared in all of their sick glory on Arsch Cholio festival (Germany), Morbid Festspiele (Germany), Gothenburg Deathfest (Sweden) and on a mini tour with Cemetery Rapist in UK. RazorRape embarked on a two-week Spain/Portugal tour in December 2012 with death sickos Viscera Trail from Israel! This was a great success for the band!

RazorRape parted ways with guitarrist Alex in January 2013 due to personal issues. David Mauritzon (Öldöds) stepped in as new guitar player and the band spent January-April 2013 to write songs for their new EP "Slaughter Sluts Supremacy"released September 2013. RazorRape embarked on a minitour with Spanish grinders Rato Raro in October 2013 to promote their new EP.

RazorRape continued 2014 with more shows across Scandinavia (Sweden & Denmark) and Germany. RazorRape entered the studio in November 2014 and recorded their most brutal album to date "Orgy In Guts",  released in July 2015 on CD and VINYL. The band spent 2015 and 2016 with more shows across Germany, Italy and Sweden. In September 2016 RazorRape embarked on tour in Mexico with Russian band Anal Grind. The band spent almost three weeks and played 12 shows from the south to the north of Mexico.


Martin Schonherr - Vocals, drums
David Mauritzon - Guitar
Christopher Davidsson - Bass


Release date Release name Media
2015 Orgy in Guts CD
2015 World Goregrind Federation Split
2013 Slaughter Sluts Supremacy EP
2012 Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores CD
2012 Demented Whores EP
2010 Unleashing the Shemales of Vengeance - fullength album
2009 Deep Red EP
2009 Unleashing the Shemales of Vengeance CD
2006 Splatter Split
2005 Postmortal Pleasure DEMO


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