Voting on OEF web page!!!

The voting on our web page is just an auxiliary tool you can use as a guidance for yourselves but we do not intend to do any kind of competition from "TO PLAY AT OEF". There are other fests here for this. We believe in co-operation and not some kind of competing. More votes can of course attract a bigger attention to the band but it does not guarantee any automatic appearance at OEF.

We do not intend to tie that up with some excessive rules and vote verifications etc. We do not care if your granny clicks or someone does a campaign on Facebook, web, Twitter or anywhere else. It does not matter. It is about respect to you the fans and other bands. We are OEF! We are just an UG festival! Not a jackpot in a lottery! Those who know us know very well we keep supporting young and upcoming bands right from the beginning of the festival. Anyone can play at our fest! So, the number of votes a band received is not important at all! Even a band with a few votes can be of an interest for OEF stage in the end.

Of course there is just a limited number of slots at the fest every year, so it is not doable to satisfy every band but we still think that you will be given a chance to listen to and learn about a lot of new music thanks to this portal. We feel our scene does need it, both the new blood and energy of new bands and the fans' support. Should it fail in the end, it is still a good chance for us to listen to lots of music we do not know about. Do trust us it is not easy to choose only 69 bands each year as many more bands would deserve to play at OEF. Anyway, we can assure you we carefully keep an eye on this application and we will for sure try to give the chance to play at OEF to the best bands!!!

Thanks for your support!!!

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