Let us make a bet. Who of you can remember the only Saudi Arabian band that has ever performed at the Obscene Extreme Festival? ………. Getting warmer? 2012? Still nothing? CREATIVE WASTE are back!  

With a new line-up, reinforced with two new members and supported by their new album that should be released this year, they are ready to crush your bones with their uncompromising grind core. This is the true exotica, this is what connects us in the UG scene. Grind knows no boundaries! At OEF 2017!!!


Creative Waste is a grindcore band from Saudi Arabia formed in 1999 by Essam (guitars) and brothers Fawaz (vocals) and Talal (drums). The band experimented with a plethora of different styles until they chose the path of extreme metal, Grindcore and Deathmetal. Creative Waste released their first demo 'Colonies' in 2005, followed by their first EP 'Cruelty Beyond Conception' in 2007 and released their first full length 'Slaves to Conformity' in 2012. After 12 years the band was able to become the first Saudi band to perform overseas marking their first shows in New York City and Houston in the United States in 2010, followed by appearances at the well-established 'Maryland Death Fest' in 2011 and 2014. Creative Waste is set on returning to the Czech Republic for the first time since their last 'Obscene Extreme' in 2012 with recently added Members Aziz (bass) and Omar (guitar) along with the release of a new album 2017.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Slaves To Conformity
2007 Cruelty Beyond Conception EP
2005 Colonies DEMO


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