HARD CHARGER - Relentless Mindfuckers


There is a tradition at OEF in the last few years that a representative of dirty, heavy rock'n'roll cannot be missing. A Canadian trio called HARD CHARGER playing forceful, hard and truly dirty rock'n'roll with a touch of punk and metal will deliver a good deal of it onto the boards that mean the world, onto the OEF stage!!!

HARD CHARGER have been around for more than 10 years and besides being constantly on the road around the whole world they have also several studio recordings under their belt and with „Bad Omens“ being their latest one they will come to ruin the Battlefield. The trio of The Yeti, The Wolf and The Hammer know for sure how it is done!!! The ace of spades at OEF 2017!!!


Fredericton New Brunswick’s Hard Charger have been punishing audiences with their extreme brand of punk/metal for over 10 years. These road warriors have been consistently touring the world, most recently Mexico and East and West Coast North American tour.  They will be be touring the east coast of Canada in the spring and then all over Europe in the summer of 2017.

They released their latest album, the blistering, vicious, and aptly titled “Bad Omens” in 2016 to positive reviews. Not ones to stop working, they quickly started working on new material.

Catching Hard Charger live is a tight, unrelenting assault. These frenetic, thrashy black-lunged lunatics are guaranteed to grind non-believers in to the dirt.
Hard Charger is Dave-Guitar Tom-Drums Shawn - Bass


Release date Release name Media
2014 Doomsday Machine Brink of Doom 4x7''(2014) Doomsday Machine Records
2014 Chrome Lord cassette (2014) Voices from Inside Records
2014 Hard Charger/SOTOS split LP (2014) Bigger Boat Records
2013 Chrome Lord 7'' (2013) Primeval Sounds/Waste of Time(NA) DingleBerry Records,Subversive Ways (Europe)
2011 Hard Charger- This Machine is Driving
2008 Hard Charger/IRONFIST split 7'' (2008) Capital Kill
2008 Hard Charger s/t (2008) No List Records (NA)Counteract Recordings (Europe)
2008 Bombs will Reign 7'' (2008) Nerve Hold Records
0 Available in Europe thu Counteract
0 Available in North America thru No List
0 Europe thru


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