SADISM - Al Azif


Latin-American cult band SADISM at OEF 2017!!! The band was established as early as in 1988 and together with their buddies from Pentagram Chile they are the pioneers of extreme metal in Chile. Old school death metal is what these guys swear on and the list of their recordings indicates how very active they still are. 

Finally they arrive to Europe for the first time and directly to OEF 2017. We all can look forward to see and hear their sadistic death metal. SADISM from Chile advancing!!!


SADISM was born during 1988 founded by the current members Juan Pablo Donoso and Ricardo Roberts, that when completing the alignment of the young project with 3 more friends, we were able to integrate a great swarm of national bands of those years, that made us participate in continuous shows of Mythical places of Santiago obtaining an immediate popularity among the public, enough motivation to work on the first studio records, demos "Perdition of Souls" 89 and "From the Perpetual Dark" 91 consolidating the band as one of the country's main , We have since that time been manufactured in various formats such as cassette in its beginnings, CDs in the years 2000 and ultimately in 10 "vinyl, adding more than 5000 copies made and sold to today.

During the next 20 years, between 1990 and 2010 we presented 5 albums and several tours in Chile and South American countries, also shows in important festivals besides openings for classic bands in Chile like Kreator, Sodom, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse among others.

The year 2013, marks the band's current situation with a solid formation and formula of work, which leads us to register "The Ocularis Domination" in 2014, and "Alliance" in 2015. "Alliance" is our seventh album and the first In taking us to Europe to introduce ourselves to countries like Norway, Sweden and Germany with outstanding shows and madness of the fans in the cities of Malmo and Hamburg.

In September of 2016 we return to the studio to work in "Al Azif", second EP in our discography with release date for February 2017 and which will be the most recent material that we present in a new tour to Europe scheduled for July 2017. Also important reason for the year 2017 is the programming of the 25 anniversary of our first album "Tribulated Bells" so we are organizing a great show in Santiago for this celebration.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Al Azif EP
2015 Alliance Full-length CD
2014 The Ocularis Domination Full-length CD
2013 Summoning the Gods Compilation
2010 Two Decades of Perpetual Souls Full-length CD
2005 Demos Compilation
2002 Summon Full-length CD
1999 A Dwelling of Gods Full-length CD
1997 Deadline Sequences Full-length
1993 Darkside EP
1992 Tribulated Bells Full-length CD
1991 From the Perpetual Dark Demo DEMO
1989 Perdition of Souls Demo


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