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At the end of 2018, there was 44 large breweries and over 450 microbreweries in the Czech Republic. It means there is one brewery for every 20 thousand citizens while neighbouring Germany has a density of only one brewery for every 50 thousand citizens. 

What more – on average, the is one microbrewery being opened in the Czech Republic every week. So, by the time OEF 2019 starts, there will be about 530 operating breweries in Czech. What a paradise for beer lovers!

Since OEF has always been about introducing new bands, original music and captivating performances, we want to bring you this Czech beer paradise to the OEF area. We will keep the existing offer of the top Pilsner Urquell family of beer brands but now enhanced about a selection of top Czech microbrewers.

25 delicious beers from five breweries: Clock, Mordyr (The Murderer), Trautenberk, Cestmir and Pilsner Urquell. Get ready for the Obscene Extreme beer!!!

Expect nothing less than beer revolution at the beer selection for 2019!!!


Passion, unorthodox mind and the best ingredients – that‘s CLOCK. Let’s discover the fascinating world of beer. Looking forward to your thirst.

10° Hektor

Light hazy golden colour, creamy white head. Aroma of malt and noble czech hops. Medium to full body, higher carbonation. Medium bitterness with taste of saaz hops. Very drinkable version of czech lager.

4,0%VOL., 9EBC, 30IBU

12° Clock – American Pale Ale

Golden to brown colour, low creamy head. Refreshing aroma of citruses and pine. Medium body, medium to low carbonation. Medium to high bitterness with dominating taste of Cascade and Simcoe hops. Light version of American IPA with higher drinkability.

5,0%VOL., 9EBC, 35IBU

12° Maid 

Dark red colour, creamy head. Aroma of caramel malt and saaz hops. Higher carbonation, medium body. Interesting pairing of dark malts and czech noble hops.

5,0%VOL., 22EBC, 26IBU

14° Twist – American Red IPA

Light hazy red colour, low creamy head. Refreshing aroma of citruses and tropical fruit. Medium to full body with low carbonation. Citra and Centennial hops dominate. High bitterness hidden behind the taste of U.S. hops.

6,2%VOL., 22EBC, 60IBU


All our beers are craft made, brewed from water,  malt, hops and yeast.

ČESTMÍR is a new microbrewery, located 25km northeast from Prague in town called Brandýs nad Labem. We brew our first batch at the end of January 2019, nearly after 2 years of contract brewing. The brewery has no pub, but you can buy botlles there or taste the beer directly from the beer tanks as part of brewery tour. 

Within only 68 productive square meters you can find 10hl brew kettle, 4 CKT's and 3 lagering tanks. We like to say, that we are the smallest brewery with the biggest brewing equipment in the Czech Republic. We brew all types of beer - lagers, IPA's, stout's, sour beers...

1/3 of ČESTMÍR members is more than grindcore friendly and after 20 years of attending this festival as a fan or as a part of band ONANIZER, is the chance to serve our own beer & to brew for OEF their special one, just awesome! Looking forward!

ČESTMÍR - the GRINDCORE BREWERY!!! See you in the beerpit!

Pale Lager 11° - "Mind Eraser" - classical, bottom fermented Czech Pilsner type lager, brewed by a single decoction method with Malthouse Klusáček Pilsner and Munich malts, several times hopped by two traditional hops Saaz and Sládek. 4,5% ABV, 30 IBU

American Pale Ale 12° - "Mincer"
- light and refreshing top-fermented beer, brewed with 4 types of malts, when the last aroma & flavor hop addition is done by super varieties Amarillo & Simcoe, making this unique orange-pineapple-piney aroma together. 5,2%ABV, 39 IBU

IPA 13° - "Murderworks" - a stronger variety of "Mincer" beer, where we boosted bitterness a bit, enhanced colour with special malt RED X and hopped with the two heavyweight champions Citra & Mosaic hops, adding to beer a distinctive mix of tropical fruit (mango, passion fruit) and citrusy flavours (grapefruit, lime).  5,7% ABV, 47 IBU

Summer Ale 11° - "Grinder OEF Special" - super drinkable, top-fermented beer, going down the throat really easily. Expect body more on the dry side, with a pleasant citrusy - floral aroma, done by the old legend of West Coast - Cascade hop, well pairing with the unique Ekuanot hop and tropical Citra for dry hop. 4,5% ABV, 35 IBU


Birth of a legend. Beer in Pilsen used to be brewed alternately by individual burghers with brewing rights. The quality varied, so the burghers of Pilsen had the idea of setting up their own brewery to make good beer. On 5th October 1842 in the new Burghers’ Brewery the brewer Josef Groll brewed the first batch of the new Pilsen beer that would soon conquer the world.

Enjoy the original taste of the Czech national treasure.

In October 1842, the brewmaster Josef Groll crafted a beer which was quite different from the brews common in Pilsen at that time. They were made in different ways, usually as top-fermented beers, and their quality was inconsistent. Josef Groll employed his knowledge of brewing bottom-fermented lagers. He used yeast that works at temperatures of around 10 ˚C (bottom fermentation) and then let the brew mature for thirty days, which is why it is called ‘lager’.

The unique combination of Czech ingredients, local soft water and a new recipe resulted in a beverage that was to change the world in the years to follow. Word quickly spread beyond the borders of Pilsen that there was a new type of top-quality beer featuring a golden colour and great, full-bodied taste. Pilsner Urquell lager started to conquer country after country and the name ‘Pils’ came to identify a whole beer category, which nowadays makes up 70 % of worldwide beer production.

Pilsner Urquell lager

Savour the original taste of this Czech national treasure.

Velkopopovický Kozel Dark

A beer which owes its mildly sweet caramel flavour to a combination of several types of carefully prepared malt.

Velkopopovický Kozel 11

This brew features a refined, full-bodied taste imparted by three types of malt, combined with the fine bitterness of hops.

Radegast Resolute 10

NEW! This uncompromising beer offers great bitter refreshment.

Brewers Choice’s Special

A new brew on tap every month! Don’t hesitate to ask our staff about the current month’s offer.


The most popular non-alcoholic beer which owes its genuine beer taste to a special yeast strain.

Birell Pomelo & Grapefruit

A popular non-alcoholic beverage which offers refreshment with a fresh combination of pomelo and grapefruit flavours.


Mordýř - The Murderer Brewery - History and presence!!!

We have always loved beer. With a gradual disgust at the universal taste of many of today's beers, we were switching to homebrewing bit by bit and eventually the idea of ​​sharing tasty beer with the public came up.ýř-563626057021976/

We established a brewery in March 2013 and started three months later. The brewery was built as a DYI project, with enthusiasm and determination, and no subsidies or other similar dirty tricks were used for its building. We brew traditionally in a domestic way from Czech ingredients but occasionally you can also taste beer from foreign hops for example. The response to this variety is very positive, and so people who do not drink standard beer find their way to us too. We will definitely continue like this.

Beer is not pasteurized, filtered nor stabilized and no chemical agents are used in the production process. Mild sediment or turbidity is not a defect, some connoisseurs even require it, in any case it is a beer rich in both minerals and vitamins.

However, it is necessary to store it in a cool place or not to store it at all, but look at the bottom right away.


The old Mrs Macháčková and her cousin ​​have already praised us twice, otherwise nothing at all.

MORDÝŘ (Cutthroat) pale ale 11%

Czech classic. Pleasantly golden in colour, rich in hop bitterness and full of flavour. The Czech hops called Sládek and Žatecký Červeňák used. Brewed from three types of malt. Grade 11.5%

KURTIZANA (Courtesan) (pale ale 13%) 

Top-fermented amber beer and citrus fragrance, which comes from foreign hops, that are really not skimped on. POLARIS, SUMMIT and CITRA hops used.

SMOKED AMBER ALE 13% (with smoked malt)

Top-fermented beer, brewed from four types of malts including so-called smoked malt. (Cold smoke either from peat or oak goes through malt during desiccation) This is a mere addition that we consider a pleasant compromise. Grade 13.8%. Dark ruby ​​colour. Cold hopping Columbus.


A favourite light colour seasonal ale with a slight turbidity thanks to the addition of wheat malt. Very refreshing. Polaris, Equinox, Motueka hops.


In 2015, at an altitude of 1045 meters above sea level and 5 meters under the ground, in a 100-year old cellar of the former Tippelt`s hut in Malá Úpa, we began to brew the beer for the mountaineers. This is the beginning of our story about the Trautenberk Brewery. Just stop by to have a try!

Trautenberk 10 Summer Ale

Summer ALE, top fermented beer of deep gold color, brewed from barley malt and three hop variety. It´s refreshing taste strengthens the pleasant bitterness and delicate aroma of blueberries and blackberies. Low alcohol content (4,1%).

Trautenberk 11

Bottom fermented lager of light golden color with a fine hops scent, medium-body and longer bitter aftertaste. The beer is brewed from three malt varieties in a traditional two-mash way, hop is added "three times". Trautenberk 11 is characterized by a marked sharpness, a white creamy head and, above all, a great taste.

Trautenberk 13

A bottom fermented amber special with the addition of caramel malts, which give the beer its garnet red color. Caramel also appears in full flavor, supplemented with pleasant bitterness. Trautenberk 13° is made from four malts and a combination of three Czech hops.

Trautenberk 14 

APA is a top fermented American Pale Ale. The first flavor is malty, then goes into intense but non-astringent bitterness with long-lasting aftertaste. The deep gold beer is made of three malts and a combination of four American hops.

All beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, store in cool place. 


Obscene Extreme Inkdividual GNWP Lékaři bez hranic