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KAOSQUAD - Raid sirens


Ladies and gentlemen, this time you are listening to South Bohemia!!! KAOSQUAD is one of many represantatives of this fertile scene who have chosen oldschool grindcore to be their style. Estabilished in 2009 when Kozel (now also Lahar) and Viťan, who worked as a two-man project spreading rotten melodies under the name Pyosemia at that time, called the drummer Aleš (ex-Grex, Mururoa) if he could join them on drums. Joint rehearsals went very well and KAOSQUAD saw the light of day.

Their first live show took place in 2010 kick-starting the band to keep playing which led to further shows in CZ and abroad with the bands like Agathocles, Holocausto cannibal or Wormrot. KAOSQUAD have just released a brand new 7“EP called „Institute for Mental Decay“ and we are happy to welcome them at OEF 2017 stage to provide us a proper portion of oldschool grindcore!!!


It is 2009 and Kozel (now also a member of Lahar) together with Víťan, were at the time a two member project spitting out rotten melodies titled Pyosemia, and they are talking to Aleš (Ex-Grex, Mururoa) whether he would sit behind the drum chair.
They realize, after a few band practices, that their delight in old school grindcore and metal is mutual as well as a positive attitude toward alcohol. And thus began the history of Kaosquad.
Our first live show was held June 4, 2010 and a positive feedback starts up our next chapter which takes us outside the Czech Republic.

Since then we have done almost hundred of hardcore as well as metal concerts in the same band ensemble. With bands: Agathocles, Afgrund, Cruciamentum, Escarnium, Gride, Holocausto Cannibal, Ingrowing, Now You Are Fucked, Pissgrave, Undergang, Venenum, Wormrot...


Release date Release name Media
2017 7"ep Institute For Mental Decay (Magick Disk Musick) EP
2016 MC kompilace Posloucháte ježní čechy 4 MC (TAPE)
2013 split LP w Behind the Cemetery Wall LP


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