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Danny Lilker :

"Greetings freaks!! Nuclear Assault is very proud to say that we will be appearing at Obscene Extreme 2017! Some of you may say "Wait! I thought that the last Nuclear Assault European performance was at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in December 2015!" You were right, we did say this. But when my old friend Curby asked if it was possible for us to play this year, we could not resist this opportunity as I love his festival. We want to thank Roman from Eindhoven Metal Meeting for being super cool about this! Also, we will have Nick Barker on drums for this show, so this makes show different in a way anyway since we had original drummer Glenn Evans at EMM. See you guys in July!!!"

A big, big surprise and probably on one the biggest band in the OEF history and a real legend of the thrash metal genre. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the headliner of the Obscene Extreme Festival 2017, the American crossover/thrash mayhem, NUCLEAR ASSAULT. 

All of us know, of course, the band started after Danny Lilker's departure from nowadays world-famous Anthrax in 1984. Danny joined forces with another ex-member of Anthrax John Connelly on guitar and vocals as both of them wanted to play way more agressively than in their old band. After a few demotapes and a multirecord contract with Combat Records they had a solid line-up with Danny to torment four strings, John six and throat and two new members Anthony Bramante on guitar and Glen Evans on drums. Their albums like Game Over, Survive or Handle With Care are the gems of the genre and got the band an endless tour over the whole world with such bands like Agent Steel, Dark Angel, Testament or Exodus. NUKE went also through many break-ups  and reunions and so far their latest big album „Third World Genocide“ is from 2005. 

Some of you surely know that the last European NUKE's show was supposed to take place in Holland in December 2015, but as we all know Danny loves the atmosphere of Obscene Extreme Festival where he played for instance with Brutal Truth and other projects, so when we called him, he did not hesitate for long and confirmed, most probably, the very last NUKE's show on the European continent. Not only because of this but especially NUKE´s thrash/crossover raging music is the invitation for you to make a brutal moshpit under the OEF stage!!! HANG THE POPE!!!


Nuclear Assault was formed in 1984 to play aggressive and hardcore-influenced crossover/thrash metal! The band is well known as a classic old-school thrash metal band. Although they are (almost) broken up now for good, the band (with Nick Barker on drums) will return to play the awesome Obscene Extreme festival this summer in Czech Republic.


Release date Release name Media
0 Braindeath EP
0 Game Over LP
0 The Plague EP
0 Survive LP
0 Fight To Be Free EP
0 Handle With Care LP
0 Good Times Bad Times EP
0 Live At Hammersmith LP
0 Out Of Order
0 Something Wicked LP
0 Third World Genocide LP
0 Pounder EP


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