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MOOM - Ancient Scripts


Obscene Extreme Festival has been discovering young and promising squads for you since some time. This band is no exception either. Awesome, forceful power violence/sludge from Israel who called themselves MOOM. They have two singles and an European tour that took place last year in summer under their belt. 

Grind blasts mixing with sludge passages and all this seasoned by female, harsh screams. This band will decidedly not lose on the Trutnov stage!!!   


MooM started working around the beginning of 2015, when four veteran members of the Israeli punk and grind scene decided to join forces, enraged by life in a fascist country and fueled by the will to play fast and heavy. The combination created a new blend in extreme music, taking inspiration from old-school hardcore punk attitude, power-violence energies and death metal heaviness.

One and a half year later, MooM released their first two EPS,  both recorded in the DIY venue the band used to be part of, the Koro. On September 2016 , MooM toured europe for the first time, playing 9 shows between Germany, Czech Republic,, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy where they joined Go! Fest  line-up, aside many other grind and powerviolence bands. 

The band is currently writing new material and playing live shows around Israel, getting ready for another blasting tour across Europe in 2017 summer.

Vocals - Sima (Not On Tour)

Guitar - Ezra (Dirk Diggler, Orions)

Bass - Gad (Uzbeks, Tea With Satan)

Drums - Heshbon (Zaga Zaga)


Release date Release name Media
2016 Second EP
2015 First EP


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