ANAL GRIND - Scat Wars


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, make your dance dresses ready as these Belarusian lovers of „backdoor“ are going to dance away all both alive and dead. This gore grind gang that has been travelling the faecal waters for more than ten years has gone through an essential change in their line-up – three perverts became five.

All of them with a drool in the corner of their mouths and an eagerness to spread libido to all the corners of the Battlefield with their disco songs!!!


Have you been faced with real perverts and psychopaths?

Meet up  – Anal Grind (Belarus/Russia) – the nightmare of all virgins and the delight of crazy fun maniacs!

If you're sick mother fucker  and like to cum with torn guts and shit, flowing down the vagina, if you have the ecstasy with inverted boobs and a human meat – you are welcome! Killing Porn Gore Grind guarantees total fun and dance! At this moment Anal Grind has 3 full-length albums, several splits and participated in numerous compilations released on various labels around the world.

 Behind these butchers a lot of festivals, tours in Europe, Russia and Mexico! They are willing to arrange another Porn-Armageddon especially for you!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Cookbook Cadaver
2015 Harta Tahta Wanita #1
2013 6 Way Sickness Split
2013 Shitman, Brown Avenger Compilation CD
2012 Cronic Pornoholic CD
2012 Chainsaw Incorparated Volume 1
2011 GoreGrind Exhibition Compilation CD
2011 Gore Tansore Compilation CD
2010 Born To Porn CD
2010 For Bondage Bitches (3 way split)
2009 Anal Cannibal CD
2009 Tribute to anal infections
2006 Cuntriping DEMO


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