EL KASO URKIJO - Pozoblanco Cadaveres


They were one of the first, actually the first band in Spain who released grindcore on vinyl. Extreme music survivors know for sure that it's the grindcore combo EL KASO URKIJO. Established in 1987 as EL KASO at that time to be renamed the very next year to their final name EL KASO URKIJO after the murders of Spanish marquis and marquess named Urkijo.

The band have many demotapes, split releases and five full-length albums, always full of noisy, coarse grindcore. This year for the first time at the OEF's boards!!! This is original grindcore!!! EL KASO URKIJO!!!


El Kaso Urkijo is a group of Grindcore, from Viladecans, Barcelona. Formed in 1987 by Popeye Warheads and Byron was the first Spanish group that managed to edit a Grindcore album in 1991. After more than a decade since its dissolution, the band has reunited, with changes in the formation. El Kaso Urkijo has published in 2009, its cd of return, with the name of La bañera fue su nicho, in 2011 they published Psicofinias desde el deposito and in 2014 with change of vocal they edited Pozoblanco cadaveres. His music moves without doubt in the search Of the essence that gave name to this music, the most pure and radical Grindcore, without contemplations or strange decorations, have been a reference of many groups both inside and outside Spain, with a very particular sound.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Pozoblanco Cadaveres CD
2011 Psicofonias desde el deposito CD
2009 La bañera fue su nicho CD
1995 La España Negra De Los Krimenes Rurales CD
1995 Split Demo '95
1994 Artificial Naturality
1991 From Dark Dimension Of Destruction LP
1991 Soundless Destruction -
1990 Industrial Destruction -
1990 Irremediable Destruction
1988 Konstruyendo la destrucción
1987 Padre Del Año... Violador!
1987 Libertat para Rafa Skobedo


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