Do you feel like ready for crazy brutal balls to the wall death grind? Do you also remember the iconic clip of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE in the yard full of pigs? Have you got it? Animal rights activists heading our way with a new, totally sick album! It has been high time, right? We look forward to our own OEF deviant parody in the red Trutnov mud, in grind we trust!!!


ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE is a culmination of the musical, artistic, and political direction of Wilson Rairan, who began his impressive influence within the Death Grind genre as the original drummer of Colombian Death Grind pioneers PURULENT. Wilson Rairan has been the centerpiece of the band, contributing parts for all instruments during the composition of each release, and carefully selecting studio and session members throughout the history of the band.  

ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE was formed at the end of the winter of 2003 in New York City. The band started as a side project of Manuel Quique [Bassist/Vocalist of SECRECY] on Guitars, Wilson Rairan [ex-drummer of PURULENT, ex-Drummer of COPREMESIS, Drummer of ANDROMORPHUS REXALIA] on Bass, and Edwin Quiza [ex-drummer of INTERNAL SUFFERING] on Drums. After a couple of months, Alex Beck [ex-Guitarist/Vocalist of COPREMESIS] joined the band on vocals, thus completing the first AKP lineup. After the departure of Edwin and Alex in January 2004 due to musical and ideological differences, Wilson took a seat behind the kit. The first AKP songs were composed with Wilson on drums and Manuel on guitar; the two decided that they needed to be recorded.  

In May 2004, the two entered the studio to record, recruiting Andres Usma [Vocalist of PUSTULATED] as studio vocalist. Once tracked and mastered, Wilson and Manuel were satisfied with the result, and the two gave a copy to Andres Garcia [Manager of GOREGIASTIC RECORDS, Bassist of INTERNAL SUFFERING]. Andres liked the demo, which consisted of 4 original songs and a BOLT THROWER cover, enough to press it through GOREGIASTIC RECORDS as HUMAN HUNTING SEASON, Animals Killing People's debut EP, in the summer of 2004. HUMAN HUNTING SEASON quickly gained worldwide attention in the underground metal community, receiving great reviews from all over the world and considerable attention from the Death-Grind scene around the globe.  

Wilson and Manuel continued to rehearse and compose as a two-piece. Unable to find a suitable permanent vocalist who would continue the stylistic precedent set forth by Andres Usma, ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE remained a studio project. As HUMAN HUNTING SEASON sold out of its first 1,000 copy pressing, Andres Garcia agreed to a second 1,000 copy pressing of the EP. The second pressing featured a new track, layout and artwork, which together refined and solidified the sound and atmosphere of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE. 

With a sold out first pressing and a second pressing underway as proof that the band had a cult following, the two aimed to complete a full-length release as a follow up to the EP. During the writing process of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE’s first full-length, tracks from the EP were featured on compilations across the globe, both at the request of the duo and through fans’ underground DIY efforts. 

Wilson and Manuel finished writing the full-length in the summer of 2007. Seeking a higher production value than HUMAN HUNTING SEASON, the two approached Joe Cincotta [Producer of SUFFOCATION, OBITUARY MORTAL DECAY, DEHUMANIZED AND INTERNAL BLEEDING] at the famous Full Force Studios, and invited Justin Boehm [ex-Vocalist of ORCHIDECTOMY] and Sebastian Guarin [ex-Vocalist of PURULENT, AMPUTATED GENITALS and SUPPURATION, Vocalist of BACTEREMIA] for studio vocals. The studio sessions culminated into KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING, which features 10 original songs and 2 cover songs, one of which is a PURULENT cover dedicated to Wilson’s brother, David Rairan [Guitarist of PURULENT], who passed away while touring in Europe shortly after PURULENT performed at Fuck The Commerce Festival in Germany in 2003. 

Wilson and Manuel sent the completed KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING to Barrett Amiss [Manager of SEVARED RECORDS], who enthusiastically readied the full-length and released it in October 2008. Sevared records is overseen singlehandedly by Barrett himself; his label has been well-renowned since its inception. Having the legendary Sevared Records handle distribution, KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING was well received within the Brutal Death Metal scene.  

Faced with fast, widespread acclaim and international demand to start playing shows, Wilson and Manuel auditioned Eston Browne [ex-Vocalist of HUMANITY FALLS, Vocalist of GIGAN] on vocals in August 2008. For the first time since the band’s inception, ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE had a functioning live lineup. Not being discouraged by the exclusion of a bassist, AKP sought to perform live in support of KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING.  

In full momentum from the success of the full-length, ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE perform throughout the remainder of 2008 until the end of 2009 as Wilson Rairan on drums, Manuel Quique on guitar, and Eston Browne on vocals. The band played various shows around the state of New York, notably headlining at Sevared Fest 2008 in Rochester, New York.  

At the end of 2009, Manuel Quique left the band. Horacio Diaz ("Ammo") [ex-Guitarist of HUMANITY FALLS, Vocalist of ANDROMORPHUS REXALIA] replaced him on guitar, and Joseph Lusciano [ex-Guitarist of IMMORTAL FLESH, Guitarist of ANDROMORPHUS REXALIA, Drummer/Vocalist of DISGRUNTLED, Vocalist of EMBLUDGEONED] joined as the band’s first live bassist. ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE started widening their live presence in 2010 to encompass Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts on the East Coast, a headlining Florida tour, and headlining shows in Toronto and Montreal. ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE headlined shows and festivals in Colombia including Bogota Deathfest Vll and the Mutilated Deathfest with Daniel Caicedo [ex-Guitarist of PURULENT] on guitar, and were joined by Sebastian Guarin on second vocals for the first time since the recording of KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING. 

After coming back from Colombia, the band, consisting of Wilson on drums, Ammo on guitar, Joseph on bass and Eston on vocals, focused on creating new material for a split CD with Andromorphus Rexalia, a New York Technical Death Grind band which includes Ammo, Wilson and Joseph of AKP. The two bands entered Menegroth Thousand Caves studios with Colin Marston [Bassist of GORGUTS] as the producer. The split, PHYLUM MORPH APOKALUPSIS, was completed in November 2011. Eston Browne left ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE upon completion of the recording sessions. PHYLUM MORPH APOKALUPSIS was released in the summer of 2012 on Sevared Records. In support of the split, AKP performed at Sevared Record’s Brutality Reigns Fest in 2012 in Rochester, New York with Joe Soranaka [Vocalist of PANSPERMIA, Vocalist of MANTIS RELIGOSA] as a session vocalist. The festival was recorded for a DVD release. 

Following their performance at Brutality Reigns Fest, Rich Mezzacappa (“Cappa”) joined ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE on second guitar. AKP performed at 4/20 Deathfest with Chris Pappas, now deceased, as session vocalist. The band did not perform live from 4/20 Deathfest until January 2013, when the band was invited to perform in Boston with label mates ABNORMALITY. From the Boston 2013 show onwards, the lineup of ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE has been Wilson on drums, Ammo on guitar and vocals, and Cappa on guitar. 

2013 was perhaps the busiest year for performances for ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE. AKP headlined Pukefest 2013 in Montreal, co-headlined Stumps In The Trunk tour with GOEMAGOT; Cody McConnell [Bassist/Vocalist of GOEMAGOT was session bassist for the tour, which concluded with a performance at Las Vegas Deathfest V. The band has played numerous shows as a trio in the Northeast, including a headlining show in Montreal, and several New York City shows in direct support of such bands as ENTE and WORMED. 

At this point “Kentucky Fried Killing” first full length sells out so a second release of the album is put out under Sevared Records, which includes a remastered version of the album + many bonus tracks, and a new cover artwork.  

After this AKP joins forces with the Colombian Death Grind now extinct band Purulent, for their Colombian reunion tour in tribute to David Rairan, Wilson plays the drums on this tour for both bands, after a successful tour AKP goes back to the US and the band decides to replace guitarrist Cappa with Charlie Andrew thus focusing in completing the composition of their 2nd full length to be recorded between November and December of 2016.


Release date Release name Media
2009 Kentucky Fried Killing-Full Lenght CD
2004 Human Hunting Season Ep 1st Press
2004 Human Hunting Season Ep 2nd Press


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