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None of you would tell this crazy group celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, wouldn't you? But it is the truth. Formed in Teplice in 1996! Another interesting detail is their regular debut album was released this year only. After 20 years! Personnel changes have not so far allowed for the band to complete something complex. 

You as the visitors of the upcoming Obscene Extreme Festival will have to admit it was a pitty as the fest is the place where this spa commando is heading to make you happy with their noisy and varied extreme hardcore/grind production. Let us welcome NOT on the board! Teplice rules!!!


NOT! – nice boys from Teplice who like it a little bit fast… 

In old days of KNAK (underground club) in the year of 1996 in the North Bohemian town Teplice four potheads gathered and founded a psychopathic band called NOT! – members were: Páca – vocals, Machoz – drums, Vlasta – guitar, Tomí – bass + vocals. In this lineup we played few gigs with our strange mixture of hardcore/punk/crust/grind. There is a rehearsal room recording from this era which we never put out.

In the spring of 1997 the band split in two due to the different musical feelings – there were NOT! and crust/grind SELFMADENOISE both with some new members. After a year SELFMADENOISE broke up and in the year of 1998 former vocalist Páca was back in the band.

In the autumn of 1999 first demo was recorded – „Otevřete oči, přichází…“ (Open your eyes he’s coming…) A new bassist – Bali – came  to the group and we started to compose some new stuff which we have recorded in the 2000 and released as a split vinyl together with the power violence group Sheeva Yoga a year after.

In the late summer of 2002 the second guitarist came to the band – Srpik. He’s a freak (on the first rehearsal he got stoned fainted and pissed himself). After some time of working abroad Vlasta left the band – just before the England tour in 2004. Before the tour we recorded some new stuff which was released on two splits (with Rabies from south of Czech Republic and with Unleash from Japan) and on two compilations („Dying Alive… Living Dead“ (Czech scene) and „Northcore Kicks Ass“ (bands from the North Bohemia). 

In 2005 Srpik brought in a new guitarist – Ozi. Some new material was recorded and released as a split with FSFI (from Most). 

Then came Srpik’s leave to England for a job. The rest went on a tour to Slovakia with Sheeva Yoga. After Srpik’s comeback we released another split – with our mates from Božák (club in Teplice where all the three bands rehearse) – Požadovaný stav mysli (Desired State of Mind) and Uroboros. The album was called „3 Way Split FerdaCref“.

In 2011 a new compilation has been released – „15 let přes mrtvoly“ (15 Years over the Corpses) which contains all our stuff released until that time.

A year after we recorded a split with thrash band BOB from Teplice/Krupka – then we went for a tour in Italy together.

In late 2014 Kurt came to the band as a substitution for Srpik who was planning another year-trip for a job to England. Since summer 2015 to summer 2016 we have been working on our first long play album which has been released in October 2016. Kurt remained in the band after Srpik’s another comeback so now we play with three guitars.

The band had a lot of gigs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and England. The music is influenced by the times in which it was created and talking about the genre it started in grindcore and metal and came through crust and punk even to black metal. We call it extreme hardcore.


Release date Release name Media
2016 CD Není kam jít CD
2012 NOT! vs. BOB 2012 CD
2011 CD kompilace – 15 let přes mrtvoly CD
2010 3 way split FerdaCref Teplice CD
2006 Split NOT!/FSFI CD
2005 split CD s japonskými thrash punkery UNLEASH
2004 split EP kapel z North core area „North Core Kicks Ass“ (ACTION, BEHIND THE LINES, X-WING, STILL STRONG, KOBRA XI, NOT!) LP
2003 Dying alive/living dead LP
2003 Go And Kill CD
2003 Split NOT!/UNLEASH CD
2003 Split NOT!/RABIES MC (TAPE)
2003 split MC s kapelou RABIES MC (TAPE)
2001 Czechcore 2 MC (TAPE)
2001 Hlasy z podzemí 4 MC (TAPE)
1999 Otevřete oči, přichází... DEMO


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