Only the real diehards may know this Tasmanian–Australian demolition quartet NowyourefuckeD. However, the performance of these gentlemen is unbelievably violent grind core in best tradition of the Australian bands like Warsore and others. Established in 2008 they have already toured in Europe and Indonesia and released of course several demos and singles.

Fronted by an insane Samora Squid some of you will recognize as the guy who did a totally obscene freakshow at OEF 2015. Let us see what this grinding squad will show us at OEF 2017. Definitely something absolutely insane. We do look forward to it… and you?


NowyourefuckeD formed in Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

Since the first gig in August 2008, the band has remained in Australia but have also toured Europe with Onanizer (Czech Republic) in April/May 2011, and Indonesian tour during October 2015. Three sleeping years after this while drummer and vocailist have been living overseas has not come to an end. Catch NowyourefuckeD at Czech Obscene Extreme Festival 2017!


Release date Release name Media
2014 Trans-​Tasman Tyranny 7" 6-way split
2013 Split 7" with G.S.R
2011 Extra Positive EP
2009 Second Demo DEMO
2008 Pachydemo


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