Selfie, the self-harming clown, one of the characters performed by Freak-A-Holic.Selfie was born on the freakiest day of the year, at Halloween (2015), and since that day he keeps terrorizing the stages all over.Unlike the other projects of Freak-A-Holic, Selfie is more a show than an exhibition bringing a live show that involves dangerous, bloody acts while clowning around.Selfie tries his best to be a happy clown, but it's really hard for him, and he doesn’t always know how to act & how to be funny which puts a lot of stress on his mind and being unstable to begin with, that stress makes him to do some crazy stuff. Selfie goes on a journey of searching through pain, penetration, excretion, stretching, lifting, turning & twisting of the human body. What will he find out?


Freak-A-Holic is Agol (Orsula) Toeva, 29, from Tel-Aviv, IzraHell. A body performance artist & a modern freakshow performer. He performed on stage for the first time in 2007 in a Tel-Aviv fetish & BDSM club under another name. Since then he performed rarely & under different names till 2014. In 2014 he started to perform under the name of Freak-A-Holic anonymous. After some time the anonymous dropped and the name became Freak-A-Holic performing more & more and creating more projects until on January 2016 the lo-fi life DVD was released that was kind of a "demo" DVD with lo-fi videos and pictures from 2014-15. In March 2016 Freak-A-Holic went to perform outside of Israel for the first time and made a little tour in Barcelona and Berlin, with the show Excremental Regression together with Tiny Tramp & with the SelfieTheClown Show. Nowadays Freak-A-Holic performs & creates around Europe & Israel.   


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