The French have always been proudly different and their metal is no exception. While Gojira upset death metal meatheads by stealing from Strapping Young Lad and singing about space whales(!?), the dark and eclectic ZUBROWSKA are baffling fans of hardcore with a death-driven, atmospheric assault.

Fittingly for a band named after arguably the king of bison grass vodka, Zubrowska offer an undiluted shot of insanity that hits the bloodstream almost instantly – best sampled on last year's third full-length 'ZUBROWSKA ARE DEAD'. Perhaps not an obvious band for OBSCENE EXTREME 2O11, it's their uncompromising vision and energetic live show that makes them perfect for the most uncompromising and energetic festival on earth.


Finally out! The six piece raving mad french band Zubrowska just released their last effort called Zubrowska are dead !

After releasing their two first albums One on six (2003) and Family Vault (2005) both through Xtreem Music (Dave Rotten's label), Zubrowska is grabbing attention step-by-step thanks to their uncommon mixture of chaotic Hardcore and Death Metal. They are back now with a more controlled but really darker work. The announced death mentioned by the title is actually the beginning of an epileptic and devastating journey, a rebirth in dreams, blood, booze and cum !

Five years needed to make this album complete. The band suffered from several line-up changes : in 2005 they separate from Sam Santiago (currently playing in Gorod), Léo Margarit takes his place during two years before joining Pain of Salvation in Sweden, then it's the turn of Anthony Labonne in 2008. Julien « Ben » Labache (Screams) leaves the band in 2009 to be replaced by Julien « Nutz » Deyres who was playing guitar since the beginning. After the recording sessions, Mickaël André (Eryn Non Dae, Ethersens...) joins the band as the second guitarist to complete the line-up again.

In spite of so many years of trouble, the band keeps on going ahead, recording an EP called 61 in 2007, then touring all over Europe with great bands like Cannibal Corpse, Terror, Gojira, Kataklysm, Cephalic Carnage, Kronos, Pigsty... and performing at the biggest festivals : Hellfest (Fr), SWR (Port), Brutal Assault (Cz), Obscene Extreme (Cz)... July 2009, thanks all those positive events, Zubrowska hit the road to Örebro (Swe) with the aim of recording the ultimate album : Zubrowska are Dead with Jens Bogren at Fascination Street studio (Soilwork, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Millencolin, God Forbid...). By the way, the band decides to set up its own label Bollocks Records in order to release and promote the new album in September 2010.

Thanks to their unique way of mixing violence and melodies, Zubrowska creates a world where emotions lead the dance ! Zubrowska are Dead is definitely an ode to life.

Line-up :

Julien « Nutz » Deyres : Guitar & vocals

Jonathan Rauzy : Guitar

Claude Abi-Rached : Vocals

Florian Rubio : Bass

Anthony Labonne : Drums

Mikael André : Live guitar


Release date Release name Media
2010 Zubrowska Are Dead
2007 Family Vault
2003 One On Six


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