FLESHROT United Kingdom



Blasting their way through from the UK, Fleshrot bring their original take on Death metal to OEF. Mixing everything from old school death metal to modern day brutal riffs their original and brutal sound combined with their imposing live performances have devastated stages across the UK and Europe, its now time for OEF 2011 to experience the Rot!!

"Were honoured to be playing at OEF, we have been wanting to play this fest for a while and it couldnt of come at a better time! We will be blasting out shit loads of new material and tearing it up with you sick OEF moshers!! come support the UK scene and get wasted with us at OEF 2011!!"


Spawned in South London England late 2003 Fleshrot play an original mix of brutal and old school death metal styles, with a devastating live presence and technical ability, Fleshrot have evolved into an unstoppable force within the UK Metal Scene.

With several line up changes their sound has moved towards a more mature and technical approach to death metal, Early releases by the band, such as Gore-a-Holic and Decomposition of Humanity distributed by Vacant Sea & Grindethic Records attracted attention from several Record Labels resulting in Fleshrots signing to Deepsend Records.


Release date Release name Media
2009 Traumatc Reconfiguration
2008 Triumph of Evilution CD
2008 Decomposition of Humanity EP
2007 Gore-a-holic EP
2007 Demo DEMO


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