KOMATOZ are one of the few active bands from Russia that tour Europe back and forth and record and release albums regularly. I bet many of you have heard about the band or even seen them live.

With a brand new release of "Two Hands" album it is appropriate to tour Europe again as the habit is. Look forward to a quality crust / metal mosh from the Saint-Petersburg guys who are not afraid of a travel into thrash metal waters.


Komatoz is a Russian Punk-metal band from St.Petersburg. Formed in 2000, the group was founded by Alexey Rizhy (vocals, bass), Hottabych (drums), Kolya Zhorik (guitar). Firstly the band played street-punk, but in the course of time and after some changes in the lineup the style changed to a mix of thrash, D-beat and hardcore.

In 2000-2004 the band plays street-punk. In 2004 the band (Alexey Rizhy - vocals, Hottabych - drums, Tolik - guitar, Alex from Distress - bass) releases the very first LP "Nenavist'". The band released 500 numbers of copies on their own on audio cassettes. The record was made uder the influence of Varukers and Casualties. Six months later a drummer of Britva Sanya joins Komatoz, and together they make a split-record with a band Distress, which was released on Total Punk Record on CD.

Together with a new drummer Komatoze for about 2 years had been giving concerts very often. In 2007 two newcomers came into the band, a drummer and a guitar player: Alexey Rizhy (vocals), Sanya from Britva (drums), Kolya (guitar), Alex from Distress (bass). Komatoze releases their 2nd LP "Within the Law" on their own in 2008 and sold 2000 of copies during the gigs. It was made under the influence of Driller Killer, Impaled Nazarene and The Exploited and sounds more agressive and heavy.

Shortly after that Sanya and Alex leave the band to concentrate on their own projects Britva and Distress. A new drummer Alex and a bass player Roman joins Komatoz and together they give about 100 concerts, 50 of them happened during tours in Europe. The style of a band changes and becomes more difficult. Vocals becomes deeper and you can hear more of thrash-moments in the music of Komatoze.

In the end of 2009 the lineup changes again and the band records their third LP "Two Hands", a mix of thrash-metal and hardcore, which was released in 2010.

In 2010 the band release a vinyl split-record with an Italian band Repulsione.

At present Komatoz gives loads of concerts and have new songs in store for a new record. The lineup: Alexey Rizhy (vocals), Anton (drums), Kolya Britvin (guitar), Pavel Paukov (bass).


Release date Release name Media
2011 LP Two hands LP
2010 LP Two hands CD
2010 split EP vinyl with Repulsione EP


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