One of the most successful Bulgarian death metal bands was created in the late 90`s in a provincial town of Pleven. Their success is accompanied with a great number of concerts both in Bulgaria and abroad and each of them is a massacre where Grind is reincarnated into Death Metal and Death Metal into Grind.

ENTHRALLMENT are a perfect combination of European and American death metal mixed with grindcore elements and something more... At the moment the band works devotedly on their new album and their intention at OEF is to bring you the most brutal and grinding minutes of your life.


The Bulgarian death metal band Enthrallment was born in the summer of 1998. In the beginning of it's development the band make their first live shows performances in clubs and on festivals in Bulgaria. In 2004 they start to play lives outside the borders of Bulgaria. One of their first performances abroad is on Hellhammer Festival in Serbia. Then the Czech butchers Hypnos were the headliners on this festival. By this time Enthrallment have already made their first records – their demo “The Scarlet Difference”, EP "Burning Fields” and a split with Relentless from Sweden. In 2006 Enthrallment release their first album which is a total massacre and is entitled Smashed Brain Collection. This album is highly rated in various reviews. In the next year the band make a tour on which they share stage with Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ and Rotten Sound. This tour was organized by the Polish agency Massive Music. The crew and the musicians are impressed by the young band. After the tour Enthrallment start work on their new album with the seducing title Immerse Into Bloody Bliss. The album is released in 2008 accompanied with the video clip Cane The Messiah With The Crook. In 2010 the band make European tour. Throughout the years Enthrallment have many other shows on the Balkans and in Europe on which they share stage with Deicide, Vital Reamins, Order of Enead, Destruction, Dead Infection, Napalm Death, Mystic Circle, Obituary and many more bands.


Release date Release name Media
2008 Immerse Into Boody Bliss CD
2006 Smashed Brain Collection CD
2001 Burning Fields EP


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