EXTREME SMOKE 57 got together in begining of 1990 as a noise-core project, but later changed their music style more into grindcore and is now known as first Slovenian grindcore band. They split up in 1992 and in this time the band released some demo tapes, split tapes, three 7" EP' s and being a part of many different international compilation tapes, EP' s and CD' s.

In august 2008 the band get back together with two original members + session drummer and guitarist, because they still feel lots of link into making this kind of music, even if it doesn' t sounds like it used to be back in the early days. Man, is 2011 now, is impossible to do the same shit all over and over again, but it still sounds grindy! Soon new LP should see the black of the night so stay tuned.

Get ready for one of very exclusive abroad EXTREME SMOKE shows!!!


The story of EXTREME SMOKE 57 actually began back in 1989 when three young kids decided to form an grindcore band. The name of the band was EPILEPSIJA. Then, in begining of 1990, Edi came around with this crazy idea to form an noisecore project just for fun, record only one rehearsal demo and then split-up. So it was done. And we name it EXTREME SMOKE 57. At that session around 350 trax were recorded which a part of it we used as a split- tape with another Yugoslavian noisecore band UDRI'N'RAZBI. After we sent those recordings around, people actually liked that noise so it was up to those few noisecore freaks we decided to go on with this project. Soon some more rehearsal demos were recorded during that same year and in december 1990 we hit the stage for the very first time where we »did« around 150 sonx and no one really like that (don't ask why hahaha).

In the mean time, the more and more we practiced, the more and more music changed into grindcore and in february 1991 we entered into studio to record our first studio demo tape. All together 13 trax were recorded and mixed in few days. Five sonx from this demo we later used as a part of our first split EP with an grindcore band form Holland THE SEXORCIST. The rest of this demo was never released (except in the 2004 on the bootleg LP » Network of Loozers« which we never received any copy of it). Then in april we entered in the studio again to record our second demo tape (6 trax) which we simply named »Second demo + Live«. The live trax was from our second gig in Koper/ Slovenia. After that some more gigs followed and somewhere in summer of 1991 Dean joined the band as a bass player and in october 1991 »Open Your Eyes… & Die!«, third studio demo, was made. This demo was latter released by an US label Wild Rags Records a pro- tape in 1000 pieces. We were ripped off and never received any copy of this cassette.

Time went on and some more gigs were done around Slovenia. In september 1991 we headlined the legendary Grind/ Noise festival in Leipzig/ Germany.

In beginning of 1992 we did some cool gigs and the name become more and more popular (in the mean time also the split EP came out on Dutch label Sicktone Records). We received an offer to make our first full EP by a Scottish label Psychomania Records, so in april we went in the studio again to record 8 new sonx for that EP. The EP had no special name, in fact no name. Call it whatever you want, for us was just »Second EP«. The band started to practice new sonx and we got an idea to record a live studio session demo but only three sonx were recorded at that time because during the recording two kick pedals were broken and we didn't had anymore left. Too bad those recordings are lost forever! And soon after that the story of the band slowly ends. The bass player left to join some other band, I had to do my military service and in summer 1992 we finally split up. A new band was formed soon after this, but that's another story…

Somewhere in 1994 me and guitarist got an idea to record another EP still under the same name and that was supposed to came out again on Psychomania Records, so a new bass player Simon was recrued just for this session and the »Who Sold The Scene?!?« EP trax were recorded. But, problems as usual, the record company quit with it's work so all this material stayed under the dust until 1996 a new German record label TVG Records showed an interest to press this EP and so it was done. The EP came out as a one- sided white vynil. After that some more tapes was released by my tape label Musical Destruction Tapes and that's it. In december 1998 the original drumer GOGO died in a car accident. Even if we had some small ideas to reform the band again, it all get buried together with him…

Untill 2008 the original members, me, Edi and Dean started to talk a lot of reforming the band again and so it was done- together with second guitarist Miha and new drummer Boštjan, in august 2008 we did our first real practice after 1992! After short time Edi decided to quit and we continued. A new era for the band was born but unfortunatelly didn't last for long. After some really cool and succesive gigs in 2010 the drummer decided to quit the band but he was still in the mood to record the new sonx in studio which you can find on this record. As for the moment the band is a »kind- of« split up again, but still waits for the right moment to arise and kick ass again.

The story was written in november 2010. Cheers and respect to all of you out there!

Line up 2011:

BOCO - vox

DEJAN - bass

KOPA - drums (session)

CIGO - guitar (session)


Release date Release name Media
0 "Network Of Losers" LP LP
0 "Son Of Bbbbblllluuuueeeeaaarrrrgggghhhhh" 7" EP EP
0 "Crumbs Of Hope" CD CD


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