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BUT - Chain Reaction


South Bohemian grind core tornado BUT (aka БУТ) is not an unknown name in the Czech scene. The band which dates back to 2009 and was originally formed by the members of ex-Exhale, Den Za Dnem and Ingrowing has been considered a dark horse of the UG scene since its inception.

And we can only confirm this label despite band's line-up changes. So .... An uncompromising grind core fire at the Obscene Extreme 2018! But it was clear to you that the OEF is really not a folk festival, is it?


БУТ formed in the spring of 2009 was founded by the drummer ZBYNA / ex fellow from  czech grindcore band -  INGROWING and the guitarist HONZA / ex fellow from czech grindcore band – UPRISE / EXHALE, and  KENNY / ex metal bass band player  from DEN ZA DNEM,  the microphone takes hold by S.I.D. / ex fellow from hard core band - SCRAP PLASTIC . In Hellsound  studio on July 2009 they record the first seven-song promo and stage their first concerts, while the band starts to present themselves on the Bandzone.cz to assures the Czech grind core fans that БУТ plays no less pissed and honest grind core like never before. In April 2010, they moved again into the studio Hellsound and records six other songs, four of them for the LP compilation - You're listening to Southern Bohemia III. -. CD naimed COVER was originated from both recordings which was later published as split with the Slovak band RESPITE. In 2012, the band released the full CD "CALL FOR NEMESIS" at BLP records of Romana Polačka and for the first time they performed at the Obscene Extreme festival. In 2014, published another split LP called "WEAKENING THE PEACE" which is released together with the BOWEL FUCK (grindcore band). Following this, the band hits the Maryland Death Fest. Shortly after returning from the US, guitarist HONZA leaves the band. For a temporary time, KAREL MAXIK (Pufffy) - member from GRIDE and DISINFESTION band has supported them. At the beginning of  the 2015, БУТ is expanding with two new guitarists - Mikša  - ex fellow form the czech bands GRIDE and DNY and guitarist Hubajs ex fellow from the czech band GRIDE and YORPU. The band is greatly concerted and is preparing another record to be released in 2018 under the name "UNDERSTRIKE" ... 


Release date Release name Media
2014 Bowelfuck / БУТ Split 10"LP LP
2012 Call for Nemesis Full-length
2010 Cover DEMO


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