HEADCRASH Netherland



666 bpm terror grindcore, born in the early 2000's with several cd's and split's with LYMPATIC PHLEGM, PERMANT DEATH and HOG CALLER.

Members from LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY,FUBAR, ANAL PENETRATION, MATKA TERESA, D-COMPOSED and many more. HEADCRASH are ready to unleash our fury on the most brutal, OBSCENE EXTREME!


In 2000 mister Nydoom and Favié bashed their heads and started to destroy the ears af many souls. With only a few releases, a headbashing split 10 "with Lympethic Pleghm on Bloodshed recs the headcrashing career begun. a few releases afterworths they started to play shows. But these shows where exlcusive. Between 2005 and 2011 they only played: Daan's backyard, Paris, Geel: for our good friend Tony (rip) and the Rectal Zwembad fest. At christmas time 2010 it was the rebirth of the holy headcrash @ the Vomit on Christmas fest @ little Devil. Headcrash is ready to destroy heads again in 2011!


Release date Release name Media
2004 Disconnect demo CD-r CD, DEMO
2004 split CD-r with Permanent Death CD
2004 split CD with Hogcaller CD


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