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The legendary Czech Assessor who woke up after 20 years and returns for Last Judgement has been added into the OE playlist. This band released their first and last album called „Invasion“ in the postrevolutionary days and currently the guys work on their new stuff they intend to relese this year.

However, not only new stuff will be played at OEF. ASSESSOR is going to serve you also old hits and Invasion will be performed for sure.


Assessor started as Assesor on 1989. In 1990 LP Invaze is released as the first extreme metal album in the former Czechoslovakia. Assesor's style can be described as disharmonic thrash metal. In the nineties, Assesor played many gigs, but after some time the lead guitarist Jarda Pracna leaves the band due to personal reasons. And that means a long sleep for Assesor. The first try to revive the band came in 2006, but the success came later in the beginning of 2010. The core of the band are Jarda Pracna, Jarda Pelán and Vít Rampas, who had played together in Moriorr before. After a few months Michal Roháček, the former singer, joins the band again. The band name is changed to Assessor and at the moment a new CD is being prepared for recording and release. The songs will keep the spirit of old school thrash metal with slight influences of more modern metal styles.


Release date Release name Media
2008 Assesor – Invaze 2 CD 2008 reedice + raritní nahrávky CD
1990 Assesor – Live Invaze tour 1990
0 Assesor – Invaze CD + 2 bonusy CD


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