The Slovak grind core scene has still a lot to offer. ATTACK OF RAGE is almost 100% one of the top bands. An interesting and fierce mix of brutal grind, swinging hard core passages and punk explosions. Having released two full-length albums and their latest recording being a split 10“ with CONTRASTIC it is more than clear that the time is ripe for this year Obscene Extreme Festival. Grind on!!!


2001-2002 „The Chliew“ period, band composed of: Hoyas drums, Bebo guitar, Lukáš vocal, Marek vocal. Musical acquaintance, vision is clear, we want to play grindcore! There is no record, song „Deštrukcia“ created in this period.

2003 We decide to have a break, due to education and other music activity busyness, so that we can return more experienced.

2004 Band returns under the new name Attack Of Rage, with new members, 2. guitar P.t.r (ex Arytmia) and vocal Steblo (ex Disagreement). First performance took place at Vegafest, organized by Steblo. We start to perform more frequently.

2005 Steblo’s left the band and until today, we’ve stayed with one vocal.

2006 Promo recording at the beginning of year, finally we have bass player called Pizo, we’ve fulfilled our dream and performed at OEF, first official CD recording in Moonset studio.

2007 In May, album Grindpeace came out by Czech Publisher Grodhaisn Prod., the band performs all around Czech and Slovak republic, reviews are very positives.

2008 The band fulfills another concert dream, performance with British legend Napalm Death and also at the festival Brutal Assault.

2009 Many performances, including Austria, Poland and Ukraine. At the end of the year, bass player Pizo leaves the band.

2010 At Gore over Europe in Žilina, we perform with the new bass guitarist, Sara (ex Krvel, ex The Last Breath), in June, band‘s second album recording in Morpheus Multimedia Studio. Slovak Metal Age becomes the new Publisher.

2011 At the beginning of the year, the new album „Sväté Zlo“comes out. 

2012: At the end of the year, the band replaces the singer Denis with Michal (Embolism). And till the end of the year, the band performs at few great gigs with the new formation. 

2013: Recording of new material at Czech studio Shaark in June. This material is intended for the split vinyl edition with Czech legends Contrastic. Meanwhile, the band plays a lot of gigs and performs at festivals like Brutal Assault, Gothoom, etc. After some time, the band returns to play in Denmark and at the end of the year plays at Rape The Escape in Wienna. 

2014: Attack of Rage/Contrastic split LP is released in the first half of 2014 by Metal Age Production. The band remains active and plays many shows.


Release date Release name Media
2014 2014: Attack of Rage/Contrastic split LP LP
2010 Zubrowska Are Dead
2007 Promo CD CD
2007 Family Vault
2003 One On Six


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