The five man army Aggrenation from Gothenburg are spitting out super pissed off d-beat punk with an edge of heated metal and are going on full steam from the beginning to the end. If you let WOLFBRIGADE, SKITSYSTEM, ANTI-CIMEX AND SVART SNÖ in their rawest of moments beat each other up with a shillelagh and molotov coctails, then it is likely that the essence of Aggrenation is to be found in the pool of blood on the floor. The sound is dirty, fat and vicious enough to encourage activities far beyond the political correctness. The wrath is as intense as heavy rain.


Aggrenation was formed in Gothenburg 2009 as a punk/metal hybrid with old school influences instead of those the modern crust/metal. The idea was to mix the best of death and thrash metal with the typical swedish d-beat sound of the 80's and early 90's, portraying aggression and frustration both through lyrics and music. Early 2010 some changes of line-up occurred, followed by the recording of the debut record Ministry of Truth that got released in Europe by the summer as a split 12" with croatian hardcore band Nulla Osta. Aggrenation rapidly arose from anonymity to become fresh and storied band, resulting in festival gigs in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In the beginning of 2011 emphasis was laid on new material and a studio session was booked in April. If the new record will be out before Obscene Extreme is yet to be discovered, but be prepared to hear it live at this year's festival!


Release date Release name Media
2011 Ghettoblaster From Hell
2010 Close-up Magazine Promo
2010 Dimmorna Skingras
2010 Ministry of Truth


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