Forming a few years before fast angry music became cool again, cider-swilling bus station-dwellers THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN'S recent history is a stamp of quality.

The Leeds-based English grind/powerviolence unit played BLOODSHED FESTIVAL AND LILLE WINTER GRINDFEST in 2010, and released bunch of awesome discs – including the noisy, DESPISE YOU/HATRED SURGE-like assault of their 2010 'Pissed Again' 7” EP, their place on the 2009 five-band 'EUROPEAN FASTNESS' split alongside A DEN OF ROBBERS and ABLACH, and their 2011 7” with Canada's OSK.

Vocalist Rich even stepped in for a couple of INSECT WARFARE's reunion dates in the UK, so regardless of whether you think that was a triumph or a travesty, respect the voice at OBSCENE EXTREME 2011!!!


Well, it all started in 2004 at York University when the legendary cricket-core group LBW was formed; a 6-piece grind band bedecked in full whites and cricketing regalia, playing brutal, noisy sub-one-minute compositions with a lyrical focus on the ancient and venerable British game (it must also be said that these compositions were played with all the skill and finesse of an over-weight amateur Sunday-league tail-end batsmen).

By 2007 LBW had evolved into The Afternoon Gentlemen. Notorious local throat-shredder, beer-guzzler and grind-monger Rich, joined on vocals, and The Afternoon Gentlemen continued from where LBW had left off, albeit with a slimmed-down line-up and a new band theme of vagrancy, alcoholism and homelessness replacing the previous obsession with Cricket ('Afternoon Gentlemen' being a euphemism for tramps or drunkards). Original guitarist Bear relocated to his hometown Bradley and Warboys bassist Mick (aka Oily Groico) stepped in on guitar. By the end of 2007 the Afternoon Gentlemen unleashed a second split with obscure cult Doom abomination Khunnt, quickly followed by the 'No messin’ about style' EP, again both home-recorded self-released CD-R’s, in keeping with the bands DIY ethic. These releases cemented the band's sound, which had developed into an eccentric mix of old school grind, slow sludgy sections, and strong power-violence and crust/hardcore influences.

Since then T.A.G have played live over 150 times, with bands such as Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos, Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Insect Warfare, Suffering Mind and many more. In 2008 Keep Screaming records released a 30-track pro-tape containing the first 3 CD-R releases plus live tracks and songs from the UK Death feast comp. Also available is the recent 'European Fastness' 5-way split CD, featuring 9 tracks from The Afternoon Gentlemen, plus music by Ocksen, Ablach, Xaros, and A Den of Robbers, and the self-released 'Afterdoom' EP, a specially packaged limited 3-track doom CD.

In March 2009 the band went to a 'proper' studio (Silent City) for the first time to record the debut 7" EP 'Pissed Again' (16 tracks/5 labels). This was released in January 2010 followed by an 11-date UK tour. The 7" received good reviews thanks to the improved quality of the recording and the excellent artwork courtesy of our friends Moving Parts Collective. After plenty more UK gigs the Gents went to the studio again in the summer, then headed off for our first European tour starting off at Bloodshed Fest NL, going through Germany, Czech Rep, France, and finishing in the UK with Weekend Nachos. The year ended with a pre-Xmas trip to London, Lille Winter Grindfest and a splendid birthday party in Ypress, Belgium.

In January 2011 came the next installment of the saga, The Afternoon Gentlemen sharing a 7" with the mighty East Vancouver blasters OSK. Probably the best TAG recording so far this is out now (500 copies), and available from Active Rebellion (UK), Dead Heroes Brothers (UK), Just Say No! records (Can), Rawer Breath records (Can), and Undislessed records (Fra). The band plan to take on the US and Europe this year with an arsenal of new songs and strong booze. Beer for life!


Release date Release name Media
2011 The Afternoon Gentlemen/OSK split 7''
2010 The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Live Booze/Booze Live' 3'' CD-r CD
2010 The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Pissed Again' 7''


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