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ISACAARUM - Teenage Cunt Powerplay


No one would have expected it but yes it is true. ISACAARUM will be there at OEF 2018!!! Following all their statements about the termination of the band at the end of 2014 we are lucky to put the guys together for a really special show in a bit different line-up but with the band's ex-members!!! The band had started as a black metal project but in the mid of 90's with the arrival of a new frontman Chymus they changed the direction towards grind core and also started the cooperation with Obscene Productions which gave birth to four of their full-length albums.

Gigging all around the world since and producing some more albums with the latest one being „Whorecraft“ that was released in 2013 at MetalGate. Now the gentlemen want to have fun on stage once again with us and prepared a special show for you after years of inactivity. You can see it only there and nowhere else!!! And surely it will be obscene!!! The kings of spermetal at OEF 2018!!!


History of the folklore ensemble called ISACAARUM has started in early nineties. Matutinal, mainly black metal compositions were transformed after three official recordings, because of Chymus came to take a the place of the frontman. He has been known thanks to his live perverted performance. Music of ISACAARUM was enriched with grind core elements, ranked as sado/black grind, spermetal or machine gun metal. Next four albums CURBED (1999), CUNT HACKERS (2001), MENSES EXORCISM (2003), SHIBARI KATA (2005) were released under the flag of Obscene productions. ISACAARUM took a part on many shows and three European tours with such bands as EXHUMED, WACO JESUS and INGROWING during the years 2001, 2004 and 2006. The top of ISACAARUM history was the tour over South America in 2007. They participated at shows in Brasil, Uruguay, Argetina and Chile. Since that tour they has been working on new CD, so in that time was released 2 CD live split w/ INGROWING Fight Pub I+I in 2010 on Lecter Music Agency. The new CD Vaseline is still in progress and is to be released during the spring/summer of 2011.

ISACAARUM – edition: 2000 line-up

Chymus – vox (ANTIGOD, former member of ISACAARUM)
Vlakin – bass/vox (INGROWING, former member of ISACAARUM)
Bambus – guitar (not active, former member of ISACAARUM)


Release date Release name Media
2013 Whorecraft Full-length
2011 Vaseline
2010 I+I Fight Pub 2CD split s INGROWING CD
2005 Shibari Kata And Other Practices CD CD
2003 Menses Exorcism Full-length
2001 Cunt Hackers Full-length
2000 Curbed Full-length
1999 Bizarre End of the Century I+I Split w/ INGROWING
1998 Satanic Ceremony / For Blood Is Life... Split w/ ENOCHIAN
1997 Meditations in Dark Green / Enlightenment Split w/ SORATH
1997 Die Verwandlung Full-length
1995 For Blood Is Life... DEMO
1995 Black Horns of Bohemia Split


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